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Red Dragon

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Tia joined the Pawn Shop and Bushi Dojo. He was able to give the Pawn Shop the Gold Serpins immediately and gained a guild level. He learned the Disarm Trap skill. Then he took the Dragon Arrow and left the town.
"Okay. Let's go."
"Where? It's night. Be careful, Tia."
"Does it matter too much? I can cast Illuminate. I'll be invisible and I'll pass."
"Are you so sure? You are here for the first time. You have no paths through the area on your map."
"Then it's time we made some. Let's go."
Tia started running. Soon he realized that he was able to see monsters around only in the last moment but he managed to bypass them. Then a yellow jet of poisonous and paralyzing gas appeared in the darkness. Tia screamed, got paralyzed, and died.
"Are you about to try again, Tia?"
"N-n-n-no. I'd reather wait here for daylight."
"Okay, Tia. Climb the town gates. I prepare something for dinner in the meantime."

Finally, the sun illuminated the scenery. Tia jumped down from the town gates and tried to reach Thorin again. He was successful this time, gave him the arrow, and returned to the town by means of the Call of Home spell. The guildmaster in Bushi Dojo was pleased by the Tia's deed and gave him a guild level. Tia learned Kung Fu.
"The biggest problem has been solved. I can fight now. No more problems with pirahnas and with guys immune to magic."
"Slow down, Tia. Kung Fu 1 does not mean too much. You need some skill levels. Then you will be right.
You will go to Serpent Temple and gain next level. You will invest most of your skill points to Kung Fu and then you will train in the guild. This gives you Kung Fu 4, which is enough in Valeia."
"And then?"
"Then you reset adventures and become a level 1 warlock again."
"Why, on earth?? Why should I lose everything I have reached so far?? Why cannot I continue the game?? It's foul!"
"Look at yourself, Tia. You have 33 HP. You have only a few spells. How do you want to survive? Whom do you want to fight? Almost everything west from Ishad N'Ha will kill you immediately. But this is not all.
You must gain level 7 spells in Stone and Fiend Magic before you change role. Right, you can gain the Fiend spells as an assassin but we are neither about to lose the dagger nor about to cheat in the Pawn Shop. That's five spells and you have none of them. Therefore, that's five levels up, providing you will select exactly these spells for your spellbook. Where do you want to get these five levels? And Tia, you need other spells more urgently.
That's why you'd better reset adventures. You will follow the same path you have followed so far with a few modifications:
- You will do the crypt regularly. You'll be even able to fight Rumphy.
- You will do the Serpent Temple regularly. You will have the Meteorstorm spell so that you'll be able to kill Xydusa."
"And then?"
"Then you get a training session in Ishad N'Ha. You will like it. You will change roles, gain levels, learn skills, and fill your spellbook with new spells. Because you will be enough strong to fight monsters west of Ishad N'Ha, including the salads..."
"Salads...", breathed Tia silently.
"... yes, salads, you will gain levels quickly. You will keep each role up to level 9 or 10 so that you get all level 7 spells. You will also gain the Crusade and the Stunning Blow traits. The Stunning Blow trait works with Kung Fu."
"High level role specific traits. That means Shurugeon Castle and Stout Mines."
"You'll manage it. You will see. You can also look forward to the Berserk trait. It works with Kung Fu as well."
"Therefore, I must be a samurai or a ninja in the Boogre Prison. Otherwise, I cannot be sure I'll be given the trait. I could be an assassin, too, but I don't seem to become an assassin."
"And then?"
"Then you will take your final role and you will play the game to its end."
"Which final role?"
"A barbarian, Tia. A lot of HP will compensate your disadvantages."

Tia followed the plan. He become a ranger by means of another raptor egg from the chests in the inn, reset adventures, become a warlock, and reset adventures once more. Then he played the crypt, reached Ishad N'Ha nad cleansed the Serpent Temple. With the Snakeskin trait, the Merlin's Shield spell, and the Meteorstorm spell, Tia was able to kill those nasty salads. He reached Shurugeon Castle, lowered the drawbridge, and finished the Galian and the Gliebott quests. But he didn't finish the Shurugeon castle because he wanted to preserve all the undeads there for the later time when he would have the Crusade trait.
Because a barbarian was the final role, Tia did not haste to the Stout Mines. Instead of this, he started the training session.
He became a Paladin first because the Crusade trait was the most urgent trait. The trait allowed Tia to gain higher levels in all his roles very quickly by a simple walking the entrance area and the "barracks" of the Shurugeon Castle and waiting for random encounters. Every undead brought Tia thousands of XP. Moreover, the Dispel Undead spell gained by Tia the Paladin represented a total disaster for all undeads there.
Then Tia became a Ranger for the last time. He did not want the Fletchery trait becasuse he had enough money, he wanted the Cure Poison and Cure spells. Finally, poisons and diesases stopped to be any threat.
After gaining all level 7 Vine spells, Tia become a samurai and gained, among others, the Firestorm spell. Being a samurai, Tia delivered the invitation to the stouts and made himself ready for the barbarian role. But first he took the ninja role and collected the missing high level moon spells and also entered the Boogre Prison through the backdoor and gained the Berserk trait.
All the time, Tia trained hard in the guilds. Soon, nobody was able to teach Tia anything. All skills, which were wanted by Tia and which were trainable in the guilds, reached level 12.

Finally, Tia become a barbarian and got the Stunning Blow trait.
My name is Demon\'s Last Day. Yes, the last one.
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Red Dragon

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These chapters sure come fast. Keep up the good work. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Ironworks Moderator

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Great chapter!!!

I'm enjoying these, Radek!

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Old 05-29-2003, 11:00 AM   #4
40th Level Warrior

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ROTFL! Salads? What salads? Oh, THOSE sa- urk!

I like the pattern of progression, Radek. Nice game plan...

I also really enjoy the dialogue between you and Tia. Brings some humor to everything!

Waiting for the next...
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