Ironworks Gaming Terms of Service

Updated on Sept 29th 2007

About the Moderators: They are kind folks who volunteer their free time to help me maintain this forum and keep it clean of abuse. Note the emphasis on "volunteer" and "free time." Forum moderating is always hard work, and it's impossible to please everyone given the cultural and social diversity of this forum. Do not question the decisions they may make--not Publicly at least. This will get your account suspended quickly. Each of our great Moderators are EXTREMELY non-biased and treat everyone fairly.

In order to maintain the civil atmosphere and keep things reasonably organized, Moderators may move, lock or delete threads that do not belong in these forums or break the Ironworks Gaming Rules. Remember, this is not a democracy. This is a semi-benevolent dictatorship.

 No Piracy: DO NOT post links to 'warez sites'. Do not discuss pirating games, bragging about pirating or anything else. This will get your account suspended or banned. The only possible thing you CAN discuss is the so-called 'cracks' for no CD operation. SOME Games don't work on some peoples CD-ROM's. This is because of a special copy protection called 'Safe Disc'. But that is it. Anything else is considered pirating.

Be Clean: Adhere to decency and refrain from abusive or hateful language, while cussing isn't censored, please don't direct the words towards someone in a hateful or demeaning way. Cussing 'just to be cussing' will land you with an account suspension if it becomes too much. Also, don't put an expletive in the title of your post. It will be deleted.

While in a debate, or have a difference of opinion, please do not take it as an attack. We will close accounts of people that attack others, be it in a
subtle way, or a deliberate loud way.

Posting Links to, or linking to images that depict ANY pornographic material will be dealt with by a Permanent Ban. We will NOT allow this type of TRASH on Ironworks Gaming. This is a Family site that Minors visit. It shows bad taste, and is just sick.
Be Politically Correct:
Remember when debating, that you are debating the topic, not the person, and we will not allow members to bash any political leader. Be it from
any nation. Political discussion can be done in a friendly way. You can disagree with a political leader without wanton bashing. It will not be allowed. Threads will be closed if we see this occurring.
Election Year Rule:
While I personally do not mind if you inserted a political image in your signature, many others may take offence. Just to make is a friendly place, and avoid hurt feelings, we will not be allowing Political images to be inserted into your signature at this time. It will save many members from getting bent outta shape, and avoid arguments. Many other Forum Admin's I speak with do the same thing, and say it indeed is a good idea.

Be Nice: No posting of material that antagonizes, harasses or creates hostility toward another user or group of. If you are angry with someone in the forum, take it up with him/her through private channels like e-mail or PM or ICQ in a respectful manner.
Be Courteous: No posting to purposely interfere with normal dialog flow. Please practice general netiquette at all times. Do not write your messages in ALL CAPS, as it makes you look like as if you're screaming. Do not troll by saying pointlessly provocative titles.

Be Polite: No targeting of another user by harassing or giving unwarranted attention to or attacking ones race, gender, ethnicity or country. Also, respect each person's views and questions--this includes attacks on NEW users. 

Be Prudent: Before you post a message or question, check and see if this has been discussed before. This forum has a VERY good search engine, and nearly ALL questions have been archived for every game we have forums for.

Be Real: We require the use of your real E-Mail address, The password system insures no one can impersonate you. If you enter a fake email address, the system can't send you your password. We DO NOT give out email addresses nor do we sell them to any 3rd party. We hate spammers as much as you :-)
Entering bogus info is a waste of your time and mine. It is extremely easy to bust someone with false info, so please, just save us both time and enter the correct email address.

Be Spam Free: Do not post the same material to multiple areas. posts like "me too" and 'no topic' posts are not allowed-- it's a waste of space. Ironworks will not tolerate commercial type postings of any kind in any of the Forums, unless relevant to the discussions and serves to satisfy a query. A brief mention and link to a product is allowed, but otherwise no member is allowed to come in and self-promote their own products or web sites.

You may also put a URL in your Signature, although we do NOT allow any type of BANNERS or other 'ads images' to be posted to your sig.

Posting a message to
Test your sig is fine, but you only need to use up 1 post. You can edit your 1 post as many times as you wish. there is no need to post 10 messages testing your sig. Also, once you get it fixed, Delete the test post. (You can delete your own posts).

If you decide to just have a TEXT sig, please limit it to 3-4 lines. If you want an Image AND text, you must keep the text to 3 lines.  This will be enforced. Any sigs breaking this rule will be edited to meet the requirements without warning.

Also, if you see a thread/post deleted or closed,
DO NOT post a new message asking where the thread/post went or why it was closed. These types of questions can be answered by emailing your webmaster

Be Sig Smart: The larger your image in your sig, the longer it takes for others to load it. Don't forget, MANY people still use dial-up internet, and huge images take a LONG time to download. we allow the following as per signatures:

This is the size your Image for your Signature must meet.

We allow up to 2 Images in your sig. But, we
prefer you use 1 or combine the 2 into one image. If you use 1 image in your signature, you are allowed the image resolution to be 225x155, and no more than 150Kb in size. This NEW Size will take effect on January 27th 2002. Anyone before that time will still be allowed to keep their slightly larger sig.

If you wish to use 2 images, both images must be no larger than 280x220 combined in resolution, and 150Kb in size as well. Your text sig or 'tagline' must not exceed 300 characters as well.

If you do not follow these rules, your profile may be edited, your image removed and account profile locked out to modification.

Be Understanding: We reserve the right to delete any message we feel violates any of these rules. Please report any abuse to the sysop. Repeated violation of any rules results in your termination, and IP Subnet ban.

Be Observant: Read the instructions that are presented on the screen. Many frustrations can be avoided, by educating yourself on proper the usage of our system. If you have any questions though, email me and I'll help you out.

Be Trustworthy: Do not post private email from others that you have received directly from them. If they want their words public, let them post it.

Be Responsible: Do not post slanderous, libelous or any defamatory statements on the Ironworks Gaming Forum, we will not be held responsible for your posts, but just the same, we'd rather not go there! Posts that appear to be defamatory should have supporting references included.

Be Careful: Nobody at Ironworks Gaming will ask you for your password. Keep your password in a safe place.
Warn before you Spoil: A spoiler is something that reveals information about a plot twist or the location of some object/character/hidden place in a game. Spoilers are by their nature subjective - you will need to use your judgment to determine what these are. Many people in this forum talk about 'general' game issues, such as "What is the best party for whatever" or "Should I drop whoever from my group?". These types of posts usually don't require spoilers as they are general information. Other people might have specific game questions like "How do I get past so-and-so" or "Where is such-and-such". These would be considered posts requesting spoiler information. Some are obviously bigger spoilers than others. There are also posts which refer to specific plot twists in the games here, A lot of people who come here do NOT know about certain plot twists which the rest of us might take for granted. Unmarked spoilers about these detract from these people's gaming experience. The majority of people don't like finding out about a plot twist before they were meant to. (Like someone telling you the ending of a movie before you see it) As a courtesy to other board members who may not have gotten as far in the game as you have, please abide by the following when requesting or revealing spoiler information: Do NOT reveal the spoiler in your title. Put a SPOILER tag in the title so people know you will be revealing spoiler information. Put spoiler spaces just before the part where you are revealing the information.

Ranks and Avatars:
The little words under your name that appear on the board is your current Ironworks Forum rank. Ranks are an indication of how many posts you have made -
NOT of board seniority. Spamming to gain rank will not be tolerated. You will receive 1 warning, then a Deduction in posts and rank.

At Ironworks Gaming Forum, our ranks are based on various People and characters in the AD&D, Egyptian, and other  Universes. A 'complete' listing of available ranks is unknown, as the crafty board administrators like to add new ranks when the current ranks are getting 'old'. Here is a list of the currently identified ranks at Ironworks Gaming Forum:

Rank Descriptions
For a complete description of what each 'rank' means, click on the rank you have below. It will open a new window with a description of the rank, and its image. You will need JavaScript to view these.


Starts at: Post Rank Starts at: Post Rank
1 Welcomed New User 2850 Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom
4 Elite Waterdeep Guard 2900 Osiris - Egyptian God Underworld
49 Dungeon Master 2950 Set - Egyptian God of Chaos
99 The Magister 3000 Dracolich
150 Manshoon 3100 Ma'at - Goddess of Truth & Justice
249 Drow Warrior 3400 Bastet - Egyptian Cat Goddess
300 Zhentarim Guard 3500 Ninja Storm Shadow
400 Elminster 3600 The Dreadnoks
500 Avatar 3700 Egyptian Goddess of the Dead
600 Drizzt Do'Urden 3800 Apophis
700 Baaz Draconian 3900 Elder Orbs
800 Red Wizard of Thay 4000 Drow Priestess
900 Emerald Dragon 4100 Quth-Maren
1000 Quintesson 4200 Unicorn
1500 Red Dragon 4300 Beholder
1600 Silver Dragon 4400 Knight of the Rose
1700 Fzoul Chembryl 4500 Xanther Thieves Guild
1800 White Dragon 4600 Harper
1900 Lord Soth 4700 Iron Throne Cult
2000 Lord Ao 4800 Paladine Follower
2100 Galvatron 4900 Takhisis Follower
2200 Hathor 6000 Dracolisk
2300 Ra 7000 Legion Symbol
2400 Anubis 8000 Symbol of Bane
2500 Gold Dragon 8500 Symbol of Moradin
2600 Horus - Egyptian Sky God 8700 John Locke
2700 20th Level Warrior 9000 Cylon Centurion
9500 Very Mad Bird


The order of these ranks does not mean one species or character is superior to another. The list extends several ranks higher than those currently known. There are also some 'surprise' ranks in there - keep an eye out for them!

Note from Ziroc: Remember folks, I'm doing this for kicks, in my spare time. I don't get paid for it, except for donations from time to time. This means, like waitresses and bar staff, I hold the right not to deal with you if you're being abusive to me. This is, of course, different to criticizing my work. Calling me by any expletive will likely get you - yes, you've guessed it - banned.

Finally, don't come to me with freedom of speech arguments. This is a house. If you insult anyone or act a fool inside my house, I make you leave.
READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE before clicking agree, you are bound by these rules upon agreeing.

In Closing:
Although the administrators and moderators of the Ironworks Gaming Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the operators of Ironworks Gaming will not be held responsible for the content of any message. By clicking the Agree button, you agree that you will not post any messages that are, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate of any laws. The Ironworks Gaming Webmaster has the right to remove, Edit, Move or close any thread for any reason.