Ninja Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow comes from the same Long Range Recon Patrol outfit as Stalker and Snake-Eyes. He also comes from a family of ninjas, whom he rejoined after serving his time in Southeast Asia. The head of the ninja clan, the Hard Master, Storm Shadow's uncle, was destroyed. The perpetrator was believed to be Storm Shadow himself. Storm Shadow knew otherwise, and took off in pursuit of the assailants. This eventually lead him to the terrorist organization known as Cobra. Storm Shadow infiltrated the organization, serving as Cobra Commander's personal bodyguard until he could discover the truth surrounding his uncle's death. It was ultimately revealed that the assassin was Zartan, on orders from Cobra Commander, and the intended target was Snake Eyes. Storm Shadow was ultimately denied his revenge, but also realized that his drive for revenge had nearly consumed his soul. He turned his back on the evil that had nearly claimed him. He sought out his ninja brother Snake Eyes, and eventually joined the G.I. Joes... But now Storm Shadow is back with Cobra. Are all Arishikage ninjas evil? Or does Cobra Commander hold some power over Storm Shadow? Whatever the reason his anger is clear when he meets Snake Eyes. The battle between the ninja masters will be legendary.