Once was a powerful enemy on the TV Show Stargate SG-1.

Apophis was the second Goa`uld encountered by Earth and has turned out to be the most ruthless. He has continually attempted to destroy Earth, once dispatching two motherships to Earth, both of which were destroyed by SG-1. He was killed by injuries sustained after his Glider crashed, but was subsequently resurrected by Sokar and sent to Netu where he took on the role of First Prime to Bynar under the name Neo`nac. He assumed control of Sokar`s forces after his death, and later Heru`ur`s forces after he killed him aswell. He took the Abydonian Sha`re as the host for his Queen Ammonet and she became pregnant with his child, something which is forbidden by the Goa`uld. He is now the most dangerous Goa`uld. He was killed when his Replicator-infested ship crashed in to Delmak.