A Unicorn is a mythical creature that appears in some form or another in many different cultures. It may be described as being like a horse, a deer, an antelope, a donkey or even a goat. Nowadays most people think of it a horse like creature. In all its' forms however the Unicorn has one distinguishing feature from which it takes its name. The single horn in the center of its forehead.

The Unicorn's horn was believed to be able to neutralize all poisons and cups purported to be made of it were treasured by royalty. Such items were in fact usually made of narwhal tusk (the narwhal is a sort of whale with a very long tooth that resembles a unicorn's horn. It is sometimes called the sea-unicorn for this reason) or sometimes Rhino horn.  During the reign of Charles II a rhino horn cup was examined by the Royal Society and disproved said superstition... with relation to rhino horn anyway. The supposed efficacy of the Unicorn's horn was also the reason that many drinking-cups were decorated with unicorn designs.