When Starscream threw Megatron out of Astrotrain, he floated towards Unicron. Unicron rebuilt Megatron into Galvatron, a more treacherous Decepticon leader. Galvatron's first order of business was to get revenge on Starscream. After Starscream's destruction, Galvatron led a campaign against the remaining autobots to acquire the Matrix of Leadership. When he acquired it, he tried to make his master Unicron, into his slave. Unicron swallowed Galvatron and commenced an attack on Cybertron, After a fight with Hot Rod (who then turned into Rodimus Prime), he was defeated and thrown through Unicron to land on another planet. After the Autobots regained Cybertron, the Decepticons lacked a strong leader and they lacked energy. Cyclonus (Galvatron's second in command) led a search party to find Galvatron. They found him, but he was damaged mentally.

He was driven by hate and would not think out his actions. His first act after being revived was destroying an EDC comand post. From then on, Galvatron led the Decepticons, but not that well. He also ordered the Constructicons to build Trypticon (the Decepticon City which was able to transform from a T-Rex to a city) and it's home was on the planet of Charr (that's where the Decepticons all regrouped after Rodimus Prime annexed them from Cybertron). When Rodimus Prime threw Galvatron out of Unicron, he landed on a planet and became mentally deranged.

Later, he was fixed on a planet which was alive by a race called The Torkulons. The Quintessons actually tricked Cyclonus into taking Galvatron there was a very good chance galvatron would not survive. Galvatron repeatedly tried to escape and tried to kill the Torkulons and he actually did. But not until their living computer absorbed his insanity. Towards the end of Even though Starscream was destroyed, he did come back to try to take his revenge on Galvatron. His ghost came back and inhabited the body of Scourge. In that body, he did considerable damage to Galvatron until Unicron rebuilt him and Galvatron destroyed Starscream again.

Towards the end of Galvatron's reign, he ordered many Decepticon attacks on Japan (that's not fair, I mean, Japan isn't allowed to have any sizeable military, and they suffer from volcanoes, earthquakes, and giant frikin lizard attacks. its just not fair). In that time, two of the Stunticons drag raced Rodimus Prime and they acquired the Matrix. Galvatron tried to use it as a weapon, but the spirits of the Matrix (including Optimus Prime) came out and scared the bejeezus out of him. He ordered it to be destroyed, but Scourge took it to power himself up. Scourge defeated Galvatron, but when Scourge lost the matrix, Galvatron severely punished Scourge.