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Smiley graphics enhance posts, and allow you to show your Emotions. Adding these to your post is simple, While posting, just type either one of the ":-)" tags, or the other type ":cool:" (minus the quotes). BTW, I had to put that warning above because many other sites and forums have been linking to these images from their site (Not actually having these images on their site, but calling them from their site). and this uses bandwidth for OUR site, so I put a stop to it.

:)  or  :-) smile

:(  or :-( frown

:embarrassed: embarrassment
:D big grin
;)  or  ;-) wink
:p Sticking out tongue
:cool: cool
:rolleyes: roll eyes (sarcastic)
:mad: Mad
:eek: eek!
:confused: confused
:1pissed: Pissed off
:yawn: Boring!!
:1puke: Sick man...
:1disgust: I'm Disgusted with you dude...
:crying: Crying
:cool: I'm cool! 
:laugh: Laughing Hard!
:showoff: Oh yeah! I'm the BOMB!
:angel: oh, such an Angel!
:wow: Holy crap! Cool! Wow!
:finger: Look at me, I'm flicking ya off! (Now give me some CANDY!)
:uhoh1: Oh no....
:uhoh2: Oh no again!
:1dizzy: Feeling Dizzy
:blush: Blushing
:1ponder: Pondering...
:egypt: Egyptian Smiley
:moon: Funny one...
:finger2: Giving the finger
:hehe: A Heheh Smiley
:1drool: Drooling..
:arcadefreak: Joystick'n
:hippysmile: Hippy Smiling
:1djsmile: The DJ Smile
:evillaugh1: Evil Laugh 1
:evillaugh2: Evil Laugh 2
:baby: Baby
:biglaugh: A Big Laugh
:nicekitty: A nice kitty!
:bunny: Easter Bunny?
:greengirl: Feeling green..
:girlsmile2: Smiling Girl
:1popcorn: Lets Eat!
:question: Question Mark
:stunned: Stunned Smiley
:fairy: A Fairy Smiley
:heee: Hee Hee
:1drinkspit: Spitting Smiley
:tgestar1: Blinking Smileys
:tgestar2: Blinking Smileys
:tgestar3: Blinking Smileys
:tgestar4: Blinking Smileys
:tgestar5: Blinking Smileys
:ladyhearts: Cloudy's Fav
:happybirthday: Happy Birthday!
:bonghit: Don't Inhale!
:check: A Checkmark
:laugh2: Orange Laughing
:laugh3: Green Laughing
:kiss: Kiss
:littleangel: A little angel?
:eating: I'm eating!
:lovestory: A Love Story
:kittynow: Kitty Morph!
:verysad: Very very sad..
:nibbles: It rolls, it sleeps!
:happyteeth: Show those teeth
:happywave: Waving & Happy
:grabblue: Get him! Now!!!
:help: Help Me!
:matrix: Watch out Neo!
:internet: Internet Fight!
:confused2: Animated Confused
:1ohbaby: Oh Baby!
:funnysad: Funny Sadness
:blueblink: Winking at ya..
:repuke: Friends share all..
:scream: Screaming!
:starhappy: Star Happy!!
:madhell: Mad as hell!
:fight: Big old fight!
:male: Male Smiley
:female: Female Smiley
:rambo: Camo and gun!
:idontagreeatall: Don't Agree at all!
:goodmorning: I Need Caffeine!
:knightsmile: Knight Smiling
:crazyeyes: Crazy Eyes!
:2gunfire: Shoot'em!
:jamesbond: James Bond/007
:fro: Rainbow Afro
:1partygirl: She's a party girl!
:bubbles: Hmm, Bubbles?
:queen: A mad Queen!
:elf: An Elf Smiley
:cheer: Cheering Smiley
:awcrap: Aw, Crap!
:saywhat: Say WHAT?!
:1daisy: A Daisy Smiley
:laughsaywhat: Laughing-Saywhat?

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Below are some Miscellaneous Animated Gif's

:spam2: Spam Image 1



:bart: Bart Mooning Ya! :homer: Homer Flipping Out!

:lightning: Lightning! :1drizzt: The Famed Drizzt!
:1dice: A D&D Die.


Ziroc's Cat Chocolate! :-)

      :choc2: Another Pic of Chocolate


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