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Smiley graphics enhance posts, and allow you to show your Emotions. Adding these to your post is simple, While posting, just type either one of the ":-)" tags, or the other type ":cool:" (minus the quotes).





:rocking: :sakaki:
:hairfreak: :basket:




:smilebounce: :smokybounce:
:snake: :someoddthing:
:spinstar: :stop:
:docheart: :happypc:
:stormy: :survivor:
:tank: :tiger:
:teddybear: :tombstone:
:thewave: :tomcat:
:dogrun: :tong27:
:tong33: :happyspoonboy:
:treadmill: :turtle:


:dance2: :whackya:
:whipitgood: :wiggle:
:wink10: :wizardtrouble:
:idontwanna: :wolfgang:
:xmas2: :yamato:
:doh: :yankees:
:yeahok: :yippee:

:zball: :jarswim:
:kissy2: :dontknowaboutyou:
:lildrizzt: :madatpc2:
:nopenope: :outtahere:
:reallyroll: :redbite:
:drinkup: :sadcrying4:
:skull6: :sleep3:
:smoky6: :sneezing:
:1pokeme: :thefinger:
:troutslap: :merlin:
:drunkass: :whome:
:yaya: :biglaugh:
:dunce: :heee:
:eatmousepointer: :erika:
:evilcat: :bdaysmile:
:1pumpup: :3party:
:firedevil: :3partysmiley:
:moon: :dazzler:
:nono: :balloon:
:flash: :balloons:
:kidding: :givingspeech:
:lol: :bigeyesad:
:question: :1luvu:
:hi: :1partyguy:
:1phoneme: :lovestory2:
:1pourwine: :1worm:
:toilet: :choc3:
:greenbounce: :2cents:
:abduct: :agree:
:confused3: :alarm:
:alien10: :group2:


:anmflower: :awesomework:
:bashing: :beigesmilewinkgrin:
:bighug: :bootyshake:
:confused5: :gulppepsi:
:borgsmile: :bouncered2:
:bricks: :cake:
:calling: :cat2:
:cat3: :catfly:
:catchase: :happy29:
:catmilk: :dance:
:catsmile: :chaos:
:cheering: :confuse21:
:cookiemonster: :dancing:
:ctfgun: :headshake:
:happydance: :hidesbehindsofa:
:deal: :imcold:
:hoverboy: :imtough:
:1passout: :angel:
:jumpclap: :lockfolder:
:drooler: :funnysad:
:2drinkspit: :kitty4:
:kitty2: :kitty5:
:kitty3: :kitty1:
:kitty6: :girlsmile2:
:locked: :kenji:
:masaki: :kasumi:
:matisu: :junsa:
:kyou: :hurura:
:jirarudan: :okido:
:loveya: :dropatear:
:microwave: :monkeydoo1:
:monkeydoo2: :music02:
:music01: :music04:
:muisc03: :music06:
:music05: :musicboohoo:

:musicband: :offtopic:
:gore: :offlock:
:newhotfolder: :rainnote:
:oth30: :question4:


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