Roleplaying Animated Gif's
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WARNING - You may NOT link to these images from another website or another forum.
I can easily see what images are called and from where, and I WILL locate you. Violators will be prosecuted.

I've downloaded some of these, and others I extracted. I had to edit most of these to make the transparency so they
would look good on the forum. You can use any of these you wish. If you have one you'd like to have added, Email me 
at and attach the image. - Ziroc

:skeleton1: Skeleton
:1drgat1: Winged monster
:barbarian: Barbarian from Diablo II,
:1polarworm: A Polar Worm from Heart of Winter.
:skull: The Skull!
:1demondog: Watch out, This Shadow 'thing' will bite!
:monster1: A freaky looking Monster!
:monster2: A Demon 
:monster3: A Water Elemental!
:monster5: Uncle Bill.. Erm, I mean another Monster from UO!
:monster7: Demon
:monster10: A Beholder 'kin'.
:monster12: I HATE Spiders..
:monster13: Not a monster, but a cool Eagle!
:warrior1: Warrior
:neo1: A NeoOrog
:1drowndead: A Drowned Undead. From Heart of Winter.
:skeleton2: A Skeleton from Baldur's Gate 2.
:mage1: Cool Looking Magic User!
:knight: A Knight!
:Diablo: Diablo, the Hell king!
:1druid: Cool looking Druid.
:monster4: Another Demon!
:monster6: Demon Spawn
:monster8: An Ettin
:monster9: An Earth Elemental
:monster11: A Wraith
:monster14: Another freaky Monster.


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