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Old 05-27-2003, 06:16 AM   #1
Red Dragon

Join Date: April 3, 2001
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"So, I have reached level 3. Next step will be killing the 'traveller', I suppose. You are always doing that. You are right, he is a murderer and..."
"No, no such next step. You are right that the 'traveller' is usually sent to hell with my level 1 characters but those characters are equipped with deadly weapons and protected by a pretty good magical armor. Your next step will be Mon the Sculz."
"Oh well. We'll be running to the graveyard and back and waiting for him."
"No, we won't. I have posted this method once on the phorum but I have found out that the running method is far from the optimal one. The people that said that Mon the Sculz is going somewhere from the mill were right. If you will go to the mill, you will have 90% chance that you will meet him. But it can happen sometimes that you don't find him on your way there. In that case, return to the town and try again. Now, you will have almost 100% chance."
"I will attack him with Burn and Shock?"
"Yes, you have 6 Burns and 6 Shocks now. That's more than enough."
Tia took the quest and went to the mill. Immediately after leaving the winged way through the forest, he heard a known voice: "Drop your weapons..." A line of the Burn spells changed the voice to "Ah, ah, ah..." and, in a moment, Mon the Sculz was dead.
"Thief", uttered Tia while he was levelling up.

Before returning to the town Tia managed to cleanse Gael Serran from the ruffians near the horse as well. This allowed Tia to reach level 5 but, naturally, Tia entered the town first, trained, levelled up and trained again. He continued training the Moon Magic but switched from the Sun Magic to the Stone Magic.
"And now?"
"The Toad Village quest."
"I will swim there?"
"You will go for the raft. And you will hunt all available spiders and lake nymphs on your way. You can afford it now. You must gain levels."
"Why am I hasting so much?"
"You cannot pass the crypt regularly. The Spirit of the Warrior is immune to any spell including the Dispel Undead spell. And - the warrior's ghost on the Warrior's Path is immune to any spell as well so that cowardice does not help. You cannot fight them with your fists and with your 20 HP.
We will do a differnt thing. I have found out that you can Vanish through the grate at Repthian. Then I overlooked the Gold Key and posted a blunder on the phorum. I stated that the key wasn't there if you Vanish through the grate.
But it IS there! And the crystal is there as well! Always! This allows you to bypass the crypt and reach Ishad N'Ha much sooner than you should. Note also, that you need not open the chest with the Bauble Stick.
Once you reach Ishad N'Ha, you can join Bushi Dojo and the Pawn Shop. Look into the chests once more. They contain Gold Serpins. You'll be able to gain the Disarm Traps skill and - the Kung Fu skill.
With the Kung Fu skill, your fists become a weapon. You'll be able to pass the crypt regularly."
"Kung Fu? Sounds good. Salads? Sounds ugly..."
"And not only salads, Tia! The Mountain Spiders sound equally ugly in your current state! And a single ratling of any kind will make a short process with you, as well as any worgur mastiff or a giant swampfly will do. But don't forget that the Moon Magic contains the Invisibility spell as well. The spell will protect you from the spiders, ratlings, worgurs, and similar nasties. It won't protect you from the salads completely but you will be able to run. I have tried it once and it is really possible. You can reach Thorin under ivisibility avoiding all fights. You can complete the quest and run invisible back to the town. The only conditions are: run in the daylight so that you see where the monsters are and know the terrain well. You must not make a mistake.
The way back to the town is much more dangerous than the way to Thorin. The salads seem to sense you somehow so that you can get killed quickly even if you are running invisible and even if you are running far from them. But the Moon Magic also contains the Call of Home spell. If you reach level 8 and if you gain the spell then you'll be successful with Thorin without solving problems.
That's why you are hasting with the Moon Magic. You need the Invisibility spell, the Vanish spell, and the Call of Home spell.
Now, you will do the Toad Village quest. Among others, you'll be able to train Athletics in the Warrior's Guild after completing it. Then you will do as much from the crypt as you can. If you won't be level 8 that time, you will do the following:
- take the Ranger quest
- kill the River Raptor. It is about 2000 XP.
- cancel the quest.
- take the quest again. A new raptor will be spawned.
- kill the raptor.
And so on. As a side result, you get some raptor eggs, which you can store in the chests."
"Okay", Tia said. "Only one thing. The tunnel under the mountains. The tunnel is a water channel full of piranhas. I cannot cast offensive spells in the water. Well, except Pain."
"You will fight. This can't be mended. The tunnel is narrow so that not all piranhas will be able to attack you at once."
"Okay", Tia said silently.
My name is Demon\'s Last Day. Yes, the last one.
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Old 05-27-2003, 06:41 AM   #2
Red Dragon

Join Date: January 23, 2003
Location: Denmark
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Great, Radek. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] I like it.

Side note: So far as can gather Mon the Sculz always spawns in the little grove containing a treasure chest next to the mill.
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Old 05-27-2003, 08:55 AM   #3
40th Level Warrior

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Good stuff, Radek! I never thought of vanishing past the grate...

I'll be staying tuned for future updates
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Old 05-27-2003, 09:56 AM   #4
Ironworks Moderator

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Go Tia, Go!!!!

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Old 05-27-2003, 04:19 PM   #5

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Great story Radek. Read both part 1 and 2. I like the narrator, he seems to know just about everything about the game. I wonder why that is so? Keep it up! [img]graemlins/awesomework.gif[/img]
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