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Old 05-26-2003, 06:38 AM   #1
Red Dragon

Join Date: April 3, 2001
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
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Tia was born in Valeia inn. When he emerged from the character generator, he asked:
"Who am I?"
"You are an omphaaz mage", the voice of his creator answered.
"Why am I here?"
"You are the Chocen One. You shall play solo with the following restrictions:
- You shall never equip any item except putting items in your pockets.
- You shall never use any scroll, an item, or a potion with a 'red' spell. Only items with 'blue' spells are allowed to you. Also, you can invoke stat giving, trait giving, or skill increasing items. But don't forget - you must not equip these items.
- You can use a helper which helps you to complete the Paladin quest once at the beginning of the game.
- You can use items in the chests around under the conditions above."
"Oh good! So, I am supposed to go and kill the skeleton lord in from of the crypt right now - with my 13 HP and 20 mana points. Am I correct? Perhaps, I will kill him with my fists. They are a strong weapon indeed. They cause 1 - 2 HP damage every time I succeed to hit the target as a mage.", Tia grinned.
"Don't be rude, Tia. I have a plan."

Tia looked into the chests. "Rings of Mariin? Not bad, we can improve our INT by recycling them throug a shop. What's this? Amulets of Holding? Hmmm, I'll be strong! And these chests? Full of ankhs! Wow! I can improve all my stats to 24 immediately! No, that's not a good idea. I will improve my STR, INT, and SPI to 24, and other stats only to such values so that I'll be able of guild hopping and taking any role. Then I will donate in the temple and see wheter I get some Cure potions. Ha! Ring of Neptune! Good! Weapons? Armor? What a pity I cannot use them. And this? Skulls, spider eggs, raptor eggs... What are they for? Oh, I see. Taking new roles. Oops, these daggers look really dangerously! Right, Assasin Daggers - and many of them. First, I am a mage, and second, they are forbidden to me forever. Wait! I'll be able to gain the Deathstrike skill from them later! It works with fists! At least something."

Tia improved his stats and joined the guilds. Then he become a warlock and a ranger. Then he sent one of the chests to the altar. The chest, as well as all other chests, were tanks. Nothing was able to resist them. The chest reached the altar, created the portal there and teleported back to the town. Tia took the paladin quest and let the chest to teleport him to the altar. There he prayed "Sanctus Holy", grinned on the blunder in the game creators' latin language, and let the chest to teleport him back.
"The allowed helper is gone", sighed Tia. "At least, all magic schools. That's good. It's time to reset adventures."

Tia reset adventures, become a warlock again and reset adventures once more so that he got rid of his role history. He took the Medakwa quest and left the town.
"And now, the Mighty One, tell me how I am supposed to kill that pack of trolls, including two trolls mangu, behind the corner."
"You will run in circles. They are slow and you have the Mana Seed trait. Every time you'll be able to cast, somebody will have it. Also, you can peek your nose into the town. This refills your mana."
"And what about worgurs and bats? Are they slow as well?"
"No, they aren't slow and you know it. You will cast and return in the town repeatedly. There you will heal yoursef in the temple because you will have no time to heal yourself outside. You can survive. I know it."
Trollie taka taka tried to do something with Tia but they were pretty unsuccessful. Tia run to and fro permanently and fired spells. He was harmed several times but he always succeeded to run away and heal. At one moment, five bats attacked Tia. It was very dangerous. Tia had to return in the town many times and heal in the temple before he was through with them. But he managed it in the end. Then Tia delivered the potion to Medakwa and gained a level.
"Shouldn't we train in the guilds?", Tia asked?
"Yes, but only NOW. You will need Moon Magic as fast as possible. That's why we delivered the potion to Medakwa first. Now, train Sun and Moon, then level up, and train Sun and Moon again."
My name is Demon\'s Last Day. Yes, the last one.
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Old 05-26-2003, 01:02 PM   #2
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: January 7, 2001
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More tales to enjoy!!!!

Thanks, Radek! Looking forward to more!!

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Old 05-26-2003, 01:26 PM   #3
Red Dragon

Join Date: January 23, 2003
Location: Denmark
Age: 40
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Yep, that is THE sort of thing I have long been longing to read. Wonderfully amusing. Master Radek's meticulous experiments in the form of fictional literature. Learn and enjoy. I love it. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Moderation is good so long as it is not exaggerated!
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Old 05-26-2003, 11:52 PM   #4
40th Level Warrior

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Good stuff, Radek! Thanks for sharing... and I'll be looking for your expert eye in the hidden details

And a nice challenging game, too...
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