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Old 01-03-2001, 01:48 PM   #11

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Here are some tips. My wife has a Celery 466, 256 megs, TNT2 Video card and BG2 runs fine on it. It smokes on my Athlon 900.

1) GET MORE MEMORY. Don't know where you got that price, but memory is dirt cheap. 128 meg for $72 and 256 meg for $136 at And that's for PC-133 memory!
2) Make sure you have a decent video card, at least an old TNT2 with 32 meg, but turn OFF 3D in the game. If you have something like an E-Machine with build in video, I feel for ya.
3) In the config, turn it all the way down. Too high a number in pathfinding will slow the game down a lot. Use whatever the lowest config wants. Also, bump the cache in the config up to at least 400 meg since you have the space.
4) As suggested, go back to Win 98 or get Windows 2000. Win ME is terrible with games. Anybody I know that went to Win ME has gone back because it sucks.

Good luck to ya!
Old 01-03-2001, 02:14 PM   #12

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I run bg2 on a
64mb ram
32mb tnt2 card
sound blaster
I can run it at 640*480 with all options on, Beacuse i disabled the music. That worked wonders for me from jerkovision to lard smooth running, Try disabling all high memory ambiant sounds as well. And set it to 16 bit coulur if its above that. SEting ai updates to 30 per sec and path finding nodes to 8000 as well speeds it up. You can do al this in bgconfig i think. TRy a full (2.4gb) install ,thats what i did as well, i now have 147mb free hd space.
Old 01-03-2001, 03:35 PM   #13

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Your priority should be more memory. Try e-Bay. You may be able to get something for a good pruce there. I just got a 128 stick for $75 (including shipping).

Now I'm running at 160 mgs ram with AMD 350 processor and the difference is remarkable compared to my old 32 mgs ram. Makes a huge difference.

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