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Old 10-28-2000, 07:02 PM   #1

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If you have a heart please help me otherwise I'm going to be totally mad

I've read all messages which speak about the Shurugeon Castle and I'm still stuck!
I've the 5 element and the Mask and I've search and search and search this room where I have to put the mask!
But WHERE is the room???
I've found the lever at the top of the tower: it raises a red door. What for?
There is another Red Door in the castle which is still down. I try to put up and down the lever in the tower but nothing happen...

I hope I'm not loosing my time in this game because of a bug...
Old 10-29-2000, 06:21 AM   #2

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do you the stairway that was bloked by a grate, its up there, in the room there is a table,
something, that might look like a candelebra "hope I got that right, my english in not too
¨good, its a thing for holding wax lights" anyway put the mask in the middel and the 5 elements around it, that will solve your problem.....
Old 10-29-2000, 06:57 AM   #3

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Thank you for reply

I don't find the room... I've visited the castle 10000 times, everywhere and I still don't find the room.

There is one red door which prevent me to go, how to open thie door??
Please help
Old 10-29-2000, 07:00 AM   #4

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Not sure if you know this but if not, it might help. There are two of them is where the game pauses for a "Loading..please wait" after flipping a wall switch, where you find desoto's ghost and one of the EE's.
The other one is somewhere else in the castle....and there is no "loading" to get there.
I don't really remember exactly where it is...but there is a secret wall i think that you walk into and it closes behind you. Not completely sure if that is the one that leads to the tower or to somewhere else. But if you haven't gone thru it yet then maybe it is.

Wish I could be more helpful but my memory isn't that good.
Old 10-29-2000, 07:08 AM   #5

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Thank you Horrorbyte and BabbleDabble for your help!!!
I've found the room

You've saved my life!

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