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Old 12-01-2000, 09:44 AM   #1

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1. Does money come easier later in the game? I know you can cheat to get as much as you want, but I am trying to refrain from cheating as much as possible. Right now I am still near the beginning...I just got to Ishad N'ha, and barely have two coins to rub together. I have been spending my money on training, role ascension, and other character improvement

2. I had all three of my warriors accept the Mon the Sculz quest at the warrior guild, but only one got credit for it. i talked to smitty with all of my warrior characters, but only the first was given credit. i exited and returned to the guild, nothing. Can multiple people get credit for this quest? (I was able to have everyone get credit for the toad village one)

3. Why is it that even though i gave the potion to Mekdawa, the temple dude stills says i have not done it? I have spoke with the preist with the right guy, but nothing. Mekdawa even thanked me for giving him the potion and said that 'toads need this!'.

That is it for now. thanks.
Old 12-01-2000, 10:26 AM   #2

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1. Well, you get bigger bags of money and better stuff (sometimes) later in the game; however, money is tight throughout the game because everything is so expesive. I must say, I admire you for not cheating.

2. I had the same experience with sometimes all getting credit for a quest and other times only one gets credit. I'm not sure why.

3. I don't understand why the preist is not giving you credit for the potion quest - haven't heard of that before. But there are some bugs sometimes throughout the game and I never know when one will show up. Here's hoping one of the wiser folks who visit the forum can be more helpful. In the meantime, welcome and God speed to you and your party!
Old 12-01-2000, 10:37 AM   #3

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Thanks for the tip...although cheating is a hard temptation to resist...i really want those spell books and priest robes...

I did see a prior post with the same problem with the potion and mekdawa...
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When you do the Snake temple quest and the castle, most of the bad guys drop stuff, either armor, weapons or bags of gold. Also, if you wander around outside, some of the rat theives (soundrel redlegs) have good items like Priest Stones and rings you can sell. If you're desperate for cash, you can always pick up arrows and sell them, too.
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