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Old 11-26-2000, 05:42 PM   #1

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I have the Tusk, and the hand, but I the other three. Where is the one "outside the east wall"? How do I fix the "broken gargoyle lever"? Which levers do I pull in the (so I think) armory? PLEASE HELP.

I also have another question.

If that Arriblean guy wants to help us, why the hell does he SCATTER THE ELEMENTS.
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I know this thread is on Shurgeon castle, but would anyone be willing to help me with serpents temple
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Hollywood: you are a COMPLETE moron. Check the other postings on the Serpent castle.

I now have the Hand, the Face, the Tusk, and the Gargoyle. Now what?
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Hey hey! Hollywood is just stuck too!

Baker -

If you go outside the castle - on the east side (you will need to swim a portion of the moat to get to the correct area) you will find Ardibren in the woods. He will explain to you why he scattered the evil elements, he will give you one as well and he will tell you where the others are hidden. To get to the one in the armory, you need to shoot the skeleton who is on the other side of the gate (a offensive spell will work too). To get into the vault - you need to pull all the levers down. If you can locate the one lever that immediately goes back up when you pull it (around 11 in clock terms) start at the next one and work clock wise around the room. Now go counter clockwise and repull down any levers that have gone back up (you're trying to get all their eyes lit). Recheck the levers. When you have all but the one at 11 down with their eye's lit, pull that last lever.

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