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Old 11-22-2000, 01:08 PM   #1

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OK..I read the previous post about how to find the path to the small river in the woods to Serpent Temple. I have literally combed the woods (I am assuming it is either along snake river or somewhere around the abandon house??) and can not find any opening. Now, I read in a walkthrough that the oracles were supposed to open a west cave door? I talked to the oracles and it said something like "a western wind blows over the stones..." but there is also no cave opening. The oracles tell me that first I must go to Serpent Temple. I'd love to follow my destiny but i cant find the darn place! Yes, I have a map and yes, I feel like a total idiot for having to ask this but if anyone can give me more specific information on how to get to serpent temple I'd greatly appreciate it! I am SOO frustrated - I have been looking around for over an hour now.

On a side note - I am beginning to think it was a bad idea to kill all the NPCs (i.e. frog village, windmill lady, fortune teller) after I talkked to them. I am going to have to re-start the game, aren't I? Thanks so much for any and all input!
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can you go right through the oracles cave and come out the other side. If not you will not get to the serpant temple. Is the character who took the oath wearing the ring. Have you said everything including Kerah to the oracle
Old 11-22-2000, 01:50 PM   #3

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Actually, right after I posted this message I got the oracles to open the cave door for me. As it turns out, I did not talk to them about anything LOL. Once I asked them about the Mavin and D'Soto the door came open. I had a feeling it was something really simple that I was missing. You'll have to forgive me, I am used to Everquest where talking to NPCS doesnt do much good hehe. Thanks for the help!

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