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Old 11-09-2000, 02:30 PM   #1

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luckily, I'm almost out of those damn caves, found everything, killed everyone. the exit is open. there's only one thing that I couldn't figure out: I've met Grunaxe's Ghost in a room opened by stake, he told me something about "Exodus", ordered to find his devoured corpse. It's down in the Arena isn't it? Then the ghost disappeared. Is this a kind of quest? Sould I free the boogres from this sick place? how?
Old 11-10-2000, 08:48 AM   #2
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Finding out what happened to Grunaxe is a quest which, having seen his ghost, I think you have completed. I believe you will get credit for it just by letting the NPCs blather on once they give you that quest (think it was the warriors guild).
The only thing you can do for the unfortunate Boogres is leave access to the idol of Aku open so they can touch it and be restored. They won't though. Would have been a nice addition to the game if you could have really helped them.

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Old 11-10-2000, 01:20 PM   #3

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that would have been nice, and maybe when they turn can added them to your party if you dont have a 6th player or something....but i met Grunaxe's Ghost and he didnt disappeare i just pushed him out the cage and he went walking around..and when i went to put the eye in the slot he was there standing in the door way...i wanted to be able to keep your hit pionts and be able to change back but i dont think theres away too

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