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I decided to make a party and see what I could do with unlimited money and good starting stats. Took me an hour or so to make my starting party, but I managed to make a party with stats of all 10s or higher so that I could easily switch to any class within a few levels. Then I used the Inn trick to make about 5 million gold (BTW, that's pretty easy -- do the trick listed here to get about 10K gold, then leave the town, give all the gold to one character, and re-enter the town. Go to the Inn, remove that character, add him, join gold to another character, and keep doing that. After 10 times, you'll have 100K in gold. Repeat ad nauseum. You get lots of gold pretty quick that way with a much higher multiple that 1K per try).

My party consisted of 3 warriors (lizzord, whiskas, and elf), a whiskas rogue, a human priest, and an elf wizard. If I were to do this again, though, I'm pretty sure, I would start with 2-3 wizards, 2 priests, and warrior or two. I'll tell ya why in a while.

Anyway, so I immediately went out and joined all the guilds with all the characters (except my rogue -- damn that's annoying that there's no rogue guild in Valeia -- he ended up being my weakest character in the long run because of the lack of early training until I managed to get to Ishad N'ha), equipped them all with the guilds' finest, and then trained all the characters in each guild. and went out to whomp the crypt so I could get to Ishad N'ah ASAP. I laughed when things that had given my original party real grief (the bone lord outside the crypt being a good example) went down with just a couple hits. And I rarely missed, either. Well, that gets boring fast (no challenge), but since this was an experiment, that was ok.

Pretty quickly, I was all 2nd level, so I went back to town and trained in all the guilds again. Repeat for a few more levels while clearing the crypt. By this time, my characters' stats and skills are getting pretty outrageous for their level (for example, my 5th level wizard had stone and sun college at level 5 each =) ). I chuckled when Scabban went down in 4 hits as he only hit me once *grin*.

by 7th level or so, almost all my characters were maxed out in their magic schools, etc, so I started switching classes. My figters became a paladin, a monk, and a samurai, my rogue became a ninja, and my priest and wizard became warlocks. Another 7-8 levels and I'm maxed out again in skills for that class (btw, the first few levels start going REALLY fast by the 3rd class change -- Lots of the Shurugeon area monsters leveled me with one or 2 kills at low levels). So then, I change my original 3 warriors to warlocks, my rogue/ninja to a paladin (hehehe), my priest to a samurai, and my wizard to a paladin. Currently, I'm in the process of switching again. My monk/warlock has become a ranger and so has my rogue. Eventually, I should have every character with almost all colleges of magic at 7th level and then I'll switch everyone to barbarian or (hopefully, if I can figure out how to do the assassin quest more than once) to assassins so that I can fight well with all characters. Should be interesting to see what they're capable of.

However, if I were to do this again, I would start out with mostly priests and wizards so I don't have to switch classes so many times to get all the schools. Ah well, a fun experiment at any rate -- All my characters are practically ZenMasters and I haven't even finished Shurugeon Castle yet =) All it takes is unlimited cash. When I run low (yes, my original 5 million is long gone -- I've gone through about 8 million by now -- especially since I donate to the temple every levelup =) ), I just use the Inn to make more money. Goes quick when I get a million or so everytime I remove and re-add the moneybags character =).
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If you're using the money cheat, why not get the Assassin dagger, and pass it around to each member while you're in the guild so everyone becomes an Assassin? And cast Toughen on each character and enter the town and repeat until everyone has 1000 hitpoints. And then say to youself, "What the heck am I doing?"
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