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Old 11-08-2000, 05:48 AM   #1
Welcomed New User

Join Date: October 29, 2002
Location: Finland
Age: 37
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In serpent temple there where one big snake that turnet two of my men into a stone !
I don't know how to "unstone" them.
Please help me, I've tried so many times kill that giantic bastard, but allways some of my men turns into a stone.
Is there some spell and what gategory and level that I might use to help my merry men ?
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Old 11-08-2000, 07:58 AM   #2
Welcomed New User

Join Date: May 31, 2001
Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
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Wild guess, stab in the dark and all that, but what about Stone level 6 spell "Stone to Flesh"?
Next question going to be "Is there a stone to flesh potion?" - more difficult,its not in the manual and no W&W site has yet put up an items list
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Old 11-08-2000, 08:58 AM   #3
Takhisis Follower

Join Date: January 7, 2001
Location: Mandurah, West Australia
Age: 55
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There is a stone to flesh potion - found one in the temple and its bright orange. I had two guys stoned as well - was fortunate that the experience for killing our slithering friend allowed my warlock to level up, and it should be easy to gues what level 6 stone spell she chose. The only pain in the ass is that the stoned guys missed out on the experience bonus for the kill (total worth 85000 I think).
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Old 11-08-2000, 01:58 PM   #4
Welcomed New User

Join Date: October 29, 2002
Location: Finland
Age: 37
Posts: 0

Ok. I haven't got stone category that faar and i haven't found orange bottle.
Afterall I want that experience to all my members... I try that big bitch again...
Thanks for your help.
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Old 11-08-2000, 07:23 PM   #5

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You can *buy* stone-to-flesh potions in the mages guild!
In killing the Naga, I found that if you stay in those two rooms where you first meet her, you will likely die. I ran to the other side of that disc and pulled the lever, and ran into the hall, turning right. She leaves the room and goes into another section. There is a point that she won't follow you past, so you can spell her from a distance, or jump out, beat on her for a bit, run back around the corner, heal. Repeat. It will take a while, but it's worth it when she goes down!

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