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Old 11-09-2001, 06:17 AM   #1
The Magister

Join Date: November 3, 2001
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Posts: 138
Mine was when fighting Conster without breach or any protection busters ready. Basically ended up running up and down the stairs, praying that the mage won't follow. Well he did, and I can swear I had hard time. I only could hit its mislead, I couldn't touch him until I summoned a hobgoblin captain, and he casted delayed fireball. I went back to the location and BOOM!!! My whole party had 1/2 their hps taken off, but Conster killed himself!!! I obviously held his ass long enough to have some of his protection gone and here he lay dead of his own "trap" HAHAHAHA!!!

BTW, my mage was Edwin.
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Old 11-09-2001, 06:50 AM   #2
Horus - Egyptian Sky God

Join Date: March 4, 2001
Location: either CA or MO
Age: 36
Posts: 2,674
I was running this campaign with a group of friends

we roleplaying, and no power gaming. (for example, if we die, we dont reload, or input character) we run back to town and resurrect him

absolutely no abuse of any kind

we take the first roll that comes along

anywayz, it was fun

we reached the slaver lord's mansion, and we're supposed to dispose them. after combat the group of bandits in the house and the captain, then we used the left over arrows to finish off the trolls

we run outa spells, and we dont want to go back to inn to rest. but there are two Yung-ti, we had like 20 some HP on each character, and we are low level, and we dont want to waste precious potions

so, we go in, and started fighting

the group on the left hand came join (a mistake we made)

it happened that we had one wand of monster summoing, so we used, and the mage fired a ward spell, killed half of his companion. it comes down to that we had to run, but we are stuck at the door (too many things) and remember there is a Trap there? Prismatic Spray

BOOM! we triggered it, and it killed both Yung Ti and most of the monsters/enemies

one of us died, but the other two ran out alive, we had like no HP left, and we were laughing so hard at the unexpected turn (we were sure as hell we gonna die)

anyway... it was fun
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Old 11-09-2001, 08:26 AM   #3
20th Level Warrior

Join Date: November 3, 2001
Location: Texas
Age: 48
Posts: 2,830
Mine was in Watcher's Keep. We were fighting that cursed group of demons in Level IV (I think) and they Dire Charmed my Deva and Anomen, so they were fighting us, and we were getting pretty beat up. I elected to back out the entrance, figuring they would then kill Anomen, and I would get Jaheira to resurrect him, and then go back and get his stuff. Imagine my surprise. We had backed into one of those Null Magic rooms, and Anomen had followed us, for some reason. The Null Magic immediately removed the Dire Charm, and he was "green" again! We then retired to the pocket plane and healed and rested, and went back and finished off the demons.
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Old 11-09-2001, 03:38 PM   #4
Jack Burton

Join Date: October 16, 2001
Location: PA
Age: 38
Posts: 5,421
Fighting the yuan-ti mage in Nalia's keep he cast spell trigger on Anomen, making him invisible and giving him 18/00 str. made the fight (granted not all that tough) alot easier
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Old 11-09-2001, 03:45 PM   #5
Symbol of Cyric

Join Date: March 17, 2001
Location: England
Posts: 1,160
Standing nect to a yuan-ti to get "haste" benefits - that's the most generous thing they've ever given. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Old 11-10-2001, 01:26 AM   #6

Join Date: October 19, 2001
Posts: 157
One of mine would definetly be fighting the cowled wizards in Athkatla.. (Instead of paying them for a license)
I cast a monster summoning spell and back away, the cowled wizards put up hordes of protective spells and started wailing on the poor Ogre.. A few of them cast area affect spells.. He he.. They turned on each other.. What fun. I came back, there were about two left, easily finished them off..

Second would be when I was fighting a beholder alone with my Paladin (since the rest of my party didn't have 60% magic resistance to protect from some of the rays)Anyways.. I had taken some bad damage and the beholder cast dire charm, at first I thought, Oh no.. but then I remember my regenerative Ring of Gaxx, the spell wore off and the beholder was in for a fully recharged Synthos..
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