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Old 08-23-2001, 10:59 AM   #1

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Newbie question: I have an 11th lvl dwarf fighter (berserker) with a constitution of 19. I have a +5 to hp/level, yet for the past 3 level advances I've only recieved 3 extra hitpoints? The first couple of levels I recieved 10 or 11 hitpoints. Also Minsc only seems to get 3 hitpoints over the past couple levels (+2hp/lvl) which seems unlikely though possible if he rolled a 1. Is this normal or is something screwy going on?

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No it's very possible. If you get a bad roll for HP than your hp is going to be low. I've started fighters with constitutions of 18, that had below 60 hp at level 8. Than again i've also had those with 100+ hp at level 8. At a certain level you stop rolling and just get 3 hp. You're not that high yet though.
If if you're feeling cheap you can set the difficulty down before you level up. This will make sure you get the max hp roll. Just don't forget to put it back up.
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Just the same here...

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Actually, starting from level 10 fighter types get only 3 hp per level, clerics, rogues and monks - 2 and mage-types - 1hp per level. And no more constitution bonus either!.
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Old 08-23-2001, 03:41 PM   #6

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If you look at the tables in the back of the manual you will see the hp you have

this means you start with a +1-10 hp per level + con bonus
after level 9 you get 3 hp added without bonus


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