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"... then, I went down the corridol. It was dark, but not so for my eyes... " the old man paused, as if trying to recall the distance memory that laid deep in his heart for a long time. The boy sat quietly, waiting patiently for the old man to continue. Xandria was not even old in human standard, however, years of living among humans aged him, if not physically, in mentally. It wasn't exactly precise to call him a boy any more, his handsome face beared the signs of innocence, yet his blue eyes traced the mark of intelligence and maturality. "Blue eyes " the old man remarked silently, then he sighed and thought to himself:" just like his mother, the deepest and most bueatiful blue eyes I ever seen..."
On Xandria's shoulder, Gugu slept soundly and merrily. The little ruby dragon was the gift from Xandria's past mother Charllot. Gugu was Xandria's best friend since his age of five, the two friends had been together through all their lives. Had it not been Gugu, Xandria would live a lonely and troubled childhood. To Xandria, Gugu was a friend, a guidence, a guardian, a blessing and ... a troublemaker. Now the little ruby dragon slept with absolutely no knowledge of the conversation going on here, well, he tried to stay up, but Xandria's shoulder was too comfortable then. He cannot really be blamed. And he snored loudly.
Xandria was sort of embarrased. He gently put a hand on Gugu's back and shaked him: "Gugu, wake up. Gugu, Gugu?" Gugu used his wing to push Xandria's hand away and turned to sleep on the other side. Smiling helplessly, Xandria caught Gugu with both hands, and lifted him up:" Gugu, wake up, your snoring is disturbing us." "GUGU..." Gugu opened his eyelids lazily:" Xand, let me sleep..." Xandria chulked, he shaked his head with disbelief and said:"dont you want to hear the story? we have been through so much, and you just sleep away the most important part? now sit yourself up, ok?" As if suddenly realized their goal to be here, Gugu flaped his wings and leaped into the air. He flew a half circle around Xandria and landed on his head. "What are you doing?" "gugu, this place is not easy to fall asleep." "... ... fine"
The old man was in a deep trance, his eyes fixed on something afar. Xandria dared not to interrupt the old man, so he and Gugu continued to sit and wait. Finally, with a long sigh, the old man woke from his own thoughts. He looked down at Xandria and Gugu, he smiled:" so, I went down the corridol..."

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