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Old 11-26-2000, 03:34 AM   #1
Welcomed New User

Join Date: March 17, 2001
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 3

Somewhat along the same lines, what would you say that your ability scores are? By the way, there is a rumor that Bill Gates is trying to get a law passed which would require all motor vehicle operators to have their D&D type ability scores listed on their driver's licenses.

Anyway, I would say that mine are as follows:

Str: 15
Int: 17
Wis: 11
Dex: 13
Con: 10
Cha: 9

I think that you can find your actual strength as a function of your military press. Mine max military press is about 170, so I'm guessing my strength is about 15 but I couldn't find that chart yet so I'm not certain. I do remember that an 18/00 strength requires a military press heavier than that achieved by any human in known history.

As for intelligence, I would have to say 17 because I was an electronics technician and nuclear reactor operator/technician in the Navy, sort of the mundane world's equivalent of a magic user.

Wisdom, I would like to think is can be a function of age and I hope I'm getting wiser as I get older, but I will play a bit into the common stereotype of the genius as somewhat lacking in common sense, however, I don't think that I would go too far in assuming too much in that regard.

Dexterity is pretty difficult to judge. If video game and shooting prowess (with real guns) were the primary indicators, mine would probably be an 18. However, my kung fu is not the best, so that brings it down a notch or two.

My Constitution is certainly adversely affected by my asthma, or perhaps allergy to cigarette smoke, but Iím otherwise pretty healthy and in shape so I would have to put myself a bit above average.

Charisma is kind of difficult to self judge, at least for me. I guess Iím probably average.
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Old 11-26-2000, 03:38 AM   #2
Welcomed New User

Join Date: March 17, 2001
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 3

I just reread my message and it would seem that someone with a 17 Intelligence wouldnít make the obvious grammatical mistakes I did, but there is no necessary contradiction here. People can be smart and lazy at the same time.
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Old 11-26-2000, 03:45 AM   #3

Posts: n/a


STR: 15
DEX: 6
CON: 17
INT: 9
WIS: 4
CHR: 0.3

I'd say that's about right.
Old 11-26-2000, 04:16 AM   #4

Posts: n/a

Here are mine:

Str: 25
Int: 25
Wis: 25
Dex: 25
Con: 25
Cha: 25

(I'm using a 'TRAINER', hehe, he's worked WONDERS!) j/k..

Here are my real ones:

Str: 13
Int: 18
Wis: 14
Dex: 14
Con: 13
Cha: 11

Just guessing really, but I am smart, hell I can take apart a TV, and knowing nothing about it and pretty much learn it in an hour.. same goes with plumming, PC's, cars.. My Dad always had the same way with stuff..

I'm 28 now btw..
Old 11-26-2000, 04:49 AM   #5

Posts: n/a

str 14 (or more i really don't know but i can't carry thing of 180)
dex 16 (i'm learning pickpocketing on my friends, i give it back though)
con 9 (don't hit me i'll be down in no time i can stand alcohol though)
int 20 (not yet it's gonna come i'm gonna studie either Astofysics or Quantumfyisics)
wis 16 (what does this exactly mean coz i still don't really understand)
chr 25 (haha no more something like 12 or so)

a total "roll" of 87 pretty good for a human
Guess i'd best could go and cast magic right?
Old 11-26-2000, 04:52 AM   #6

Posts: n/a

btw Armisael i don''t really know you but is still can't figure you'd give yourself 0.3 in chr
Old 11-26-2000, 05:09 AM   #7

Posts: n/a

Those scores are based on my average blood alchohol level. A big bloke slurring things at you doesn't provoke the kindest of thoughts, or so I'm told.
Old 11-26-2000, 05:30 AM   #8

Posts: n/a

Shit happens (i'd outta know with my int) (this is just fun)
Old 11-26-2000, 08:04 AM   #9
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: February 28, 2001
Location: Boston/Sydney
Posts: 11,771

Heh. Ok here goes:

Str: 13
Int: 18
Wis: 8 (get into all sorts of stupid situations
Dex: 9 (I'm a klutz)
Con: 13 (probably 15 before I moved to Australia and got into the weekly Friday pissups!)
Cha: 17 (I'm a Leo!!!!!!!!)
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Old 11-26-2000, 09:37 AM   #10
Red Dragon

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: Long Beach, CA. USA
Age: 67
Posts: 1,589

Heh, my scores are going to have to be on a sliding scale. Since I am 46, I have watched the best in most of my scores go by many, many moons ago. Sentimentality is probably why I have kept Keldorn in my party. He says something like "I am old, but if you will have me, I will stand by your side and guard your soul".
Str: 18 now 13
Dex: 16 now 13
Con: 18 now 12
Int: 4 now 2. I endeavor to improve my limited intellect, but time robs me nonetheless.
Wis: 2 possibly as high as 3 now. This is one area that I know I have shown some progress.
Cha: No such animal. Extremely high negative self image, I probably can't judge this fairly.
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