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Old 09-26-2000, 04:34 PM   #1
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I GOT REAL lucky on thi sone but i managed to kill him. Anyone know where i can get the shadow scales crafted into armor? the dwarf who builds the artifact weapon ?

Oh and did anyone else figure out how to get to the windspear hills? It doesnt appear on my map but i have the acorns and accepted the quest from the dryads.

BTW the drags loot Stunk except for the scales a scroll and 3500k and some rare gems.
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Old 09-26-2000, 09:02 PM   #2

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You can get to the Windspear Hills after talking to some guy (I have no idea what his name is), who gives you a quest to go purge that land of evil.
Old 09-30-2000, 12:56 AM   #3

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Just curious how did you kill him?
Old 09-30-2000, 08:01 AM   #4

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Cromwell in the Dock District will make armor from the scales. Nice stuff.

To kill the dragon, I had Edwin summon 5 earth elementals. I sent one in to take the death spell. Then I sent in the other four. While the dragon was busy, I sent in my cleric and used a spell to decrease it Magic Resitance (I forget the spell name, but it is 4th or 5th level). This cleric spell resets the Magic Resistance to a much lower level and there is no save for it.

Moving my cleric away, I then used my mages to pelt him with lightening bolts. The only damage I took in the battle was from an Elemental who got caught by the Dragons Confusion spell.
Old 09-30-2000, 07:45 PM   #5

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or... you can send your thief in stealth mode to set traps all around him, them pound him with magic missiles and chromatic orbs, while using two or three +3 weapons on him. Pretty effective.
Old 10-01-2000, 02:30 PM   #6

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Heh. Or send in your Monk to kill it in one punch... if you're lucky
Old 10-02-2000, 04:09 PM   #7

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my bud took ankheg scales to cromwell, he made them into armor, so he probably will do it for dragon scales. A guy named Firkaag will approach you and tell you to kill the monsters at his place in Windspear, marking it on your map.

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