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It's been a while, but I'm finally back in town for a couple of days. Time to check in with the peasants, who've been waiting not-so-patiently in Dragon Spire, mana depleted, bodies hacked and bruised, wanting to get back to Ishad N'ha for a hot meal and a good clean place to rest.

No problem... they're up in the exit chamber where the dragon shards go... but how do we get out of here? It's been a while, and I'm lost.

Eventually we drop down into the water, sneaking in the back door to get to the chest with the third dragonshard. One blast from the divine sigil, and they're off... well, sort of. Do these boulders always take forever to dissolve?

No matter.... down they go soon enough, and the peasants tear down the corridor, stopping short when they see mushrooms... giant fuming fungi, just waiting for a meal. Backtracking quickly, they take some poison damage from the fungi, but eventually manage to slay all four of them. Without dying, I might add...

They sneak their way back to town, with both Gruhntella and Sniffles having levelled up in the process. When they finally reach the gates, they note that Eljayess only needs 2000 XP to advance a level, so they decide to run the gauntlet to get her there.

A few scoundrels, trolls, and mongrels later, Eljayess levels up, finally getting level 7 sun spells. You know her next pick... [img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img]

They head back to the spire to greet Erathsmedor, watching him take out Kol and saying the sacred word. Since Eljayess has been holding the shard shroud, she gets to say it, and then gives him the shroud. He opens the door to the Mavin, and they run over. Lightfingers, already set to go on the treasure chests, grabs the Mavin off the altar and opens the chests.

They turn around, and the exit is still closed. Hmmm... interesting... did I miss something? They run back into Erathsmedor's lair, only to find a handful of scoundrels waiting there. They dispatch them, turn back toward the altar, and find more scoundrels, along with a couple of trolls. Dispatch them, turn around... more scoundrels. Repeat the slaying, repeat the turning... repeat the encounters!! They must have battled five or six groups of creatures in Erathsmedor's lair, with big red and scaly just sitting by and watching.

And the door still won't open! We're stuck... is this it? Have the peasants come to their end, biding their time until they become hamburger meat? These thoughts crossed my mind, until I started thinking about what might need to happen. On a hunch, I put the Mavin into Eljayess' backpack, since she was the one who talked to Erathsmedor. Sure enough, a dialogue was triggered about the Mavin consuming them all or some such wrath, and the door opened. About time! All this battling was getting to be a bit much!

So they jumped down... and sure enough, behind them came a couple of Ratling sneeks! Do battle, and then they see more... so climb back up into the passage and start fighting!

Exciting stuff, really... especially when the peasants fell into a hole in the ground! Yes, the graphics glitches kicked in, and they fought the remaing sneeks from the trenches... literally! They cleaned the loot... and were stuck.

Was this the end? Buried alive, only to rot in hell soon after?

Welll..... had Periwinkle not learned Call of Home previously, it would have been the end, or at least the return to a previous save game. But no... Call of Home worked, and almost everyone trained at their respective guilds.

Eljayess is about 10 attribute points from Warlock, and the warriors are around 12 AP from becoming barbarians. Just need some FOR and WIL...

Tomorrow night... on to Brimloch Roon, Grue Morde, and a certain bandit king... and eventually, some Boogres! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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These are the Keystone cops of characters!!!

I can just see them falling into that hole!! lol!!!

Congrats on the levels and progress!!!
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