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Old 09-08-2006, 12:53 AM   #1
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Where were we... ah, yes. Finally beat the mucks, back to town, then outward.

In no particular order, the peasants wanted to visit Jathil, drop off Erzebette's letter, deliver invitations to the stouts, and hit Shurugeon Castle. Simple, no?

Well, first thing we notice is that there seem to be a lot of spiders tonight. A lot. As in every 30 seconds, there's another batch of freakin' spiders! Mountain spider after mountain spider, mages burning and shocking until they run out of mana, and cleric healing and curing left and right. After the tenth or twelfth round, the mages are out of mana... and swinging away with witches' sticks.

You remember the peasants of not so long ago? The ones who couldn't hit the ground without gravity helping... and even then, it wasn't sure?

Well, they're still here. Wearing wizards' and priests' robes. Thank Kerah that the warriors can hit something finally...

But no matter. We get up to the entrance to dragon spire and start looking for Erzebette's letter.

Cue another trio of spiders. Sheesh!

What??? It's not here? Hmmmm... did we ask her about Hephaestus yet? Maybe we'd better do that... at least we're close to Jathil.

There he is! Flicker runs up, scroll in hand, and...

Enter three more spiders. And some worgurs. Did I mention this is getting boring?

Mission accomplished. Now, to head to the stout mines...

Say hello to some more spiders. Aye, caramba!

Oh, wait... we need the writ. Let's go find Grundel's corpse.

Three more spiders around the chest. Will this ever end? At least the wizards are hitting the ground now...

Hey, we were supposed to get that wolfman, too. Wonder if he's around here.

Look! There he is!! And no spiders around! Just some swampflies... and worgurs...

Hmmm... everyone's out of mana. Time to run back to Ishad N'ha-ha-ha and charge up. Besides, Lightfinger's gone up a level... she can use all the help she can get [img]smile.gif[/img]

More spiders... at least they're worth 700+ XP each. We've picked up some 40,000 XP from them so far... and still counting!

Stopped by Erzebette's, got the letter, and headed back out. Fortunately, after going to town the spiders stopped spawning so often. Now it's to the Stout Mines (although that flying guardian may be a challenge), and then Shurugeon Castle.

One interesting thing noted tonight... while Jathil is protected from accidental attack, his staff is apparently not. Since he likes to mill about all these worgurs and spiders during battle, there's a good chance you might accidentally nail him... and then no more Gezurite ways...
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Old 09-08-2006, 10:51 AM   #2
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Wow!! Arachnidphobia night!!

Was it Periwinkle's perfume that attracted them all??

Sounds like you did make a lot of progress!
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