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Old 05-28-2003, 06:10 AM   #1
Red Dragon

Join Date: April 3, 2001
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Tia went for the raft. He was successful and got two bonus spiders, perhaps because he was playing the "hard - often - hard" game all the time. Then he travelled to the Toad Village, jumped down, climbed up, and returned. Then he went to the graveyard.
"What a pity we cannot punch the so called traveller."
"It can't be helped. Let him be."
The graveyard was full of skeletons rising from their graves. They were no problem for Tia. But he stopped before the pillars marking the way to the crypt.
"Are you sure that I have enough HP?"
"Yes, Tia. You will concentrate on the Skeleton Lord and then you will run forward. Only then you will turn back and deal with the skeletons behind you."
The Skeleton Lord was able to cast Pain and Tia got it. He become red but he killed the Skeleton Lord successfully. Tia run to the crypt, healed yourself, and serviced the remaining skeletons.
"Huh! I've almost got killed. But the Vanish spell is mine."
"Let's go into the crypt."

After entering the crypt and killing the welcoming comitee, Tia noticed the chests around.
"Should I bash them?"
"No, why? Can they improve you somehow?"
"And the amulet?"
"No need for it. You have Kerielle's Potions in your chests in the inn. Wait for the Disarm Traps skill."
"And if I hadn't the potions?"
"Then you would be forced to gain the amulet. You would be successful with your STR."
Tia jumped down to the Repthian's area. A pack of oozes was waiting there as usual. One Elemental Blast reduced the number of oozes to a reasonable value. Tia continued to the water pool.
"And now, I shall vanish. It would be fun."
"Go under water, to the bottom, and as close to the grate as you can. Cast vanish."
"It failed!"
"Change your direction a bit and try again."
"It failed again! Is it a part of your plan?"
"No, it isn't. For some reason, unknown to me, you are sometimes successful at one grate and unsuccessful at the other. Perhaps, it's only my clumsiness. Try the other grate."
Tia vanished past the grate.
"Ha! Is it always this grate where the spell works?"
"No. Sometimes you'll be successful there, sometimes you'll be successful here. But you'll always be successful. Go for the key and the crystal. Flip the lever and go to Nivius."
"Grrrrrr. And wait until he stops his silly speech."
"There's no other possibility."
"There IS a possibility! You will play with your Rubik's Cube! And me? I want a Rubik's Cube, too... [img]graemlins/crying.gif[/img] "
"You cannot equip any item, Tia. You cannot turn the cube in your pocket."
" [img]graemlins/crying.gif[/img] "
"Stop it, Tia. Let's go. We must endure it."

Tia took the ring and left the Repthian's area. He killed Flokis Ra and gained access to the rest of the crypt.
"Are you leading me to the Crypt Lord?"
"I was ALMOST dead a while ago. Now, I am going to die FOR SURE."
"You need not die. Kill the Crypt Lord and then run to the passage leading to the Rumphy's area. The passage is narrow. It will reduce the number of skeletons that can attack simultaneously. You can also stop them in the passage, run away, and cast Elemental Blast. But the best thing to do is placing a crate into the passage. You can run around but the skeletons get stopped. Now, a few Elemental Blasts will put an end on them.

The Crypt Lord and his melody boys were killed successfuly. Tia added both mummies and all Undead Bones he found in the coffins. Then he took a few ranger quests and gained the Call of Home spell. Then he travelled to Ishad N'Ha. A pack of piranhas was waiting in the tunnel. It was a difficult fight and Tia had to heal himself again and again. But the piranhas were dead in the end, the oracles were endured, and the way to Ishad N'ha was made free.
Tia reached Ishad N'Ha.
My name is Demon\'s Last Day. Yes, the last one.
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Old 05-28-2003, 06:45 AM   #2
Red Dragon

Join Date: January 23, 2003
Location: Denmark
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As usual very amusing, very instructive, and heavily spoilish. I like that. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
Moderation is good so long as it is not exaggerated!
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Old 05-28-2003, 09:56 AM   #3
40th Level Warrior

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ROTFLMAO! Love the Rubik's Cube... "You can't play because you can't equip items"

Keep 'em coming! I'm fascinated... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Old 05-28-2003, 11:58 AM   #4

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ROTFL Radek. I wonder what amusement you will offer when meeting Sebastio. Keep up the excellent work. A tutorial and a story at the same time! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Now would it be possible to collect this story as well? Perhaps after Bungleau has finsihed Missy's adventures we can post Radek's story as well in there. It would be a shame to let these stories dwindle away. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Old 05-29-2003, 03:42 AM   #5
moiraine sedai
Zhentarim Guard

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A really interesting twist on the common story..... I like it!!!

I am soooooo gonna copy some of this stuff....... [img]smile.gif[/img]

Well done Radek. Tia's manner compared to yours offers some humourous dialogue.


Moiraine Sedai
~The wheel weaves as the wheel wills~
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