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Old 09-19-2001, 12:38 AM   #1
Telchar of Nogrod
Drow Warrior

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I just finished Cloakwood and went down to Beregost to rest, sell wyren heads and bandit scalps, and stock up. It says that I should now go to the city. I've read that getting in could be a problem. Do I have to go back to Cloakwood and take part in that guy's scheme to rescue a girl and then blackmail her father? It seems like a shady proposition and would be against alighnment. Can I say yes, get into the city and then dump him? Also, once I get into the city, will I be somewhat directed? I like exploring and talking to anyone who is not a commoner anyway.

A minor note - I have found 2 oil of speed potions so far in my travels ( I have been to every corner of every area ), and both times I gave it to my dwarven tank and then said the item was cursed and he became confused for a while. Of course, this was before a big battle; but I somehow managed anyway. Is it my charactor or when I get to the city I'll be able to get good ones? I have the haste spell; but, I would rather use those slots for something else. Thanks for all the help.

Baruk Khazad! Khazad Aimenu! The axes of the dwarves! The dwarves are upon you!
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Old 09-19-2001, 03:09 AM   #2
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hi! youll find the city very large and so much to do you will either love it or hate it! heehee. but to your questions:

that guy with the girl, eldoth. he is a evil bard, and the girl is skie, a thief who will join your party too. (pair, like dynahair/minsc) so do or dont, as you will. she is tough to take out of the building without killing guards and taking severe reputation penalties anyway. you can take him in and dump him if you like.

entering the city first time around will be easy. you saved the mine remember? direction in there is somewhat hard to describe. talk to folk who have *names* and enter lots of buildings. the quests will find you, if you listen and read your journal, you wont get too lost. later in the game after the return to candlekeep, you have a choice - presented to you on the bridge. depends then, easy or hard.

some antidotes (purple jar) and oil of speed (patchy yellow) and healing potion (brown) are cursed like the scrolls. use the white jars of haste only. if the description says its murky or something, dont trust it. sell it.

in the gate you can buy stuff you need. plenty of stuff.

hope i helped some. see ya!
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