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Old 11-21-2001, 01:50 AM   #1
Dundee Slaytern
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Okay... I give up. I am apparently not cut out to be an Archer soloist. Everytime I try to win a fight, he dies as easily as wet tissue is ripped apart. Maybe it is because I am doing it on Insane Difficulty, but I cannot lower it, because I am addicted to it, lowering the difficulty would seem like cheating to me now.

Sigh... ...

Maybe I will try again in the future, but for now, rest in peace Robin Clym.

So that means I had nobody in SoA at the moment, because my solo Sorcerer has 'graduated' to ToB. This meant that I could start something else. I pondered Wild Mage, but I was already soloing a magic user, starting another one would be overkill, and I wanted some variety.

Blade was another option, but again, I wanted something different, something new for a change. Monk was too powerful, Kensai is too powerful too an cliche to boot, Barbarians are too boring for my taste, got bored with Berserker and Wizard Slayer previously, already completed SoA + ToB with a Cavalier, etc... ...

As I pondered some more, I realised something. I have never used either Clerics or Thieves as my main character, and since Clerics are spellcasters, I settled on Thieves.

Now for the next step, what kit to choose? Bounty Hunters get shafted in ToB because the traps you get there are far superior to the Bounty Hunters', not to mention that why do I want to Maze my enemies?!?! I want to kill them, not Maze them... ...

Now, if it was Imprisonment for the max Bounty Hunter's traps... heh, heh... ...

I also have tried Swashbuckler before already, and plain Thieves were well... plain.

Thus that left Assassins. Now, I have heard plenty of praises for Assassins, and people have played them solo before. Not to mention that I have up till now, never used a Thief to backstab before. This was my chance to see what I was missing.

What can I say? I love it.

So I made an Chaotic Neutral female Elf( first time playing a non-human character too) Assassin with the following stats.

STR: 18
CON: 17( sacrifice one during Chapter 4)
DEX: 19
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

I chose Elf because there was a cute pic of an Elf Thief in the portrait. Okay, okay, so it was also because I wanted the 19 DEX, but the cute portrait was a bonus, plus the fact that there is a cutesy voice too to choose.

Heh, heh, so I now have a cute looking innocent sounding Elf who is walking around Amn and backstabbing people.

"Yer not so tough!"

"Awwww, are you scared of poor little me?"

"Grrrr, I'll get you yet!"

Oh, final thing, is Vampiric Touch bugged? When I cast it on my Assassin, she sometimes gains really obscene amounts of Hp. The most extreme that I have seen so far is from 72 Hp, to 181 Hp... ...

Not that I am complaining, but it is a tad ridiculous.
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Old 11-21-2001, 02:17 AM   #2
Fuzzy Animal
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I always did think that the assassin was really the proper choice of a character to play being the child of Bhaal and all. I have limited experience with the thief class also, but I did try backstabbing once and I really thought it was cool. Insane difficulty is addictive??? I put my soloing on hold for now with my sorcerer because I want to finish SoA and finally finish ToB. I decided to play a Dwarf berserker because I always liked Korgan, but I don't care to be evil so I thought I would be chaotic good. Vampiric touch could be bugged, but I don't think I ever gained that many hit points with it. Maybe because it is a Bhaal power it is juiced up. I kinda wondered if an archer could hold up in solo. I always like to either cast a bunch of spells or go melee with baddies. Good luck with your assassin!! Oh and btw I used the same portrait of the elf for my sorceress because it was so darn cute.
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