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Old 09-26-2001, 03:07 PM   #1
White Dragon

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Greetings, barfolk! I require your aid.

Having recently got my over-imaginative hands of TeamBG's Infinity Engine Editor Program, I am set busy at work, prodding files, having good fun making a mess and learning as I go. My aim? To introduce Tancred Foesmite as an NPC character. Difficult, especially in the case of Karnas the sword - but achievable.

Tancred's stats and character are so far set. A Lawful Neutral Cavalier (of Helm), a reasonable fighter, charismatic but a bit dim. No, the real bugbear hit me when I came to classify Karnas, his sword.

Those of you who have followed the Bar will know of the irrepressable Karnas; an evil wizard trapped in a holy blade 150 years ago by Tancred's great-grandmother, herself a Paladin of great repute. Now, some of us know what TeamBG are like when it comes to balancing expansions against the actual game, and it's important I get this right. One of the key points about the sword is, however, Tancred will not give it up; it is his pledge, nay, his family's sacred duty to safeguard Karnas' soul until such time as it is released by Helm himself. As such, he's going to be stuck with it forever.

So... what should it DO?

Note that Karnas has been described many times as being a Bastard Sword (well, just being a B...), and having a soul inside and being a holy blade has potential for both magic and cleric effects. He talks, naturally (not a problem, already figured out how to do that, need a dialog editor program). Let your imaginations and your ideas burble forth, for I hope to draw inspiration from your ideas and generally use this as a sounding board for thoughts anyone might have. Of course, anyone who doesn't frequent the BG2 Bar, but thinks they have enough of a handle on the scenario to contribute a few thoughts, feel free!

So... what do YOU think?
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Old 09-26-2001, 03:59 PM   #2

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Hmm... I can't remember whether Karnas did any fancy effects in the Bar threads, but, hmm... some ideas are possibly a chance of magic missile, draw upon holy might, vamp touch, sunray, and disintegrate... lower as it goes farther down that list, of course... hmm... still thinking...

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Old 09-26-2001, 04:13 PM   #3
Account deleted by Request

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Maybe Karnas should be able to free himself from Tancred's hand and float around attacking enemies by himself and casting spells, kinda like a Mordenkainen's Magnificent Sword spell, but stronger, or maybe, you could make a Karnas NPC, who would be part of the party and able to memorise spells and float around beside Tancred, and then when Tancred needed to Butt-Kick for Justice Karnas could use a special ability that placed him in Tancred's hand so he could chop some foes to bits, it would be REALLY cool if Karnas the Sword could memorize spells while in Tancred's hand, so he could cast spells like a Sorcerer or something.

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Old 09-26-2001, 04:14 PM   #4
Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

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I would say Fire and Undead spells. Tancred's great-grandmother was a Paladin as well, right? You could have a few spells such as heal, awaken (When Karnas wakes Tancred up, it sorta is like an Awaken). Adding Fire spells is because of Karnas's soul, which is trapped inside. The Undead spells would be because the fact that it IS a holy sword. Having Disintigrate for a special ability for a sword is asking for too much, think more like A. Scorcher, Melf's Minute Meteors, ect. Don't get into the major stuff like Fireball, since that is unrealistic. Then get some Undead spells like Sunray (which is an Undead Fire spell?).. I can't really think of any spells, as I have switched to W&W for the time being. Just pick reasonalbe spells that fall under the category I provided, and it will suit Karnas just fine.
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Old 09-26-2001, 05:17 PM   #5
White Dragon

Join Date: April 1, 2001
Location: UK
Age: 38
Posts: 1,893
Ah, here we go - the descriptive text that will accompany the sword...


Karnas Thoth, an unstable but gifted Invoker of Thay, was a chaos-bringer and a slayer of men. He wandered Faerun, seeking to promote confusion and despair so that the Zulkirs might rule. His spells were mighty, and many of those who challenged him died. Those who did not were lucky to remain alive.
Eventually, Karnas' journey brought him to Amn, where he singlehandedly destroyed the small hamlet of Daleslake. Unbeknownst to him, however, Lord Welnoth - a distant relative of one of Amn's ruling Council of Six - had been staying at Daleslake's small inn after his coach had lost a wheel that night. The Lord was killed, but one of his servants escaped the carnage, riding to Athkatla in all haste to report the catastrophe.
The Council decided that this Red Wizard had to be destroyed, and quickly. Rewards were offered, but in the end only a small band of representatives swore to hunt down the troublemaker. Brondwyn of the Shadow Thieves, Diocletian of the Cowled Wizards, Thomis of the Priesthood of Helm and Truori Foesmite of the Order of the Radiant Heart all swore an oath - for differing personal reasons, be they money, renown or personal justice - to find Karnas Thoth and bring him to justice; or die in the attempt.
Long was their quest, and wily was their opponent. Ever he would turn at bay, seeking to use his powerful magics against his pursuers, but ever they pressed on with determination and will. After three years of constant pursuit, Karnas decided to face his foes - and it was then that he was defeated.
The task of the heroes was not done, however. Before their eyes, Karnas' body began to wither away - begining the change to Lich. In desperation, they transferred the wizard's soul and mind to the only available receptacle they had - Truori's blessed sword.
The mage railed at his imprisonment, but he was held impotent within the blade, possessing no powers save those of his mind and his voice. It was made clear to him, however, that should he ever be judged by Helm to have relinquished his evil ways and become a follower of peace and goodness, he would be given both life and freedom. It was a condition Truori insisted on.
For four generations now the Foesmite family - Paladins all - have been custodians of the blade, and its' prisoner. In that time, the mage's destructive urges have mellowed a little, although his irascible wit has not. Most recently, Tancred Foesmite, a young squire, has been given his knighthood and the sword upon his father's brave death. Only time will tell if he is the bearer of the sword who will finally be witness to the release of Karnas Thoth...


Should give you all an insight into what you're dealing with.

Cheers for all he ideas so far... hmm, interesting...
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