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Old 09-27-2000, 06:36 PM   #1

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Ok, question on Fighting Styles (not weapon proficiencies). I have a Halfling Kensai for whom I maxed his 2-handed sword proficiency. My thinking was that since he cannot use a shield he may as well have the biggest weapon possible. Then I read about the 4 fighting styles (2-handed, 2-weapon, single weapon, and weapon/shield) and was curious how I picked one, or which styles are available for which classes/kits. There is only a brief mention of these styles in the manual so I am not sure how, or even if, I can pick one.

My reason for questioning is that I was considering resarting my Kensai in the 2-weapon style, or at least making sure my current warrior is in the 2-handed style.


Old 09-27-2000, 06:43 PM   #2

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A Kensai can use 3 of the 4 weapon styles, weapon/shield being the one he's not allowed.

If you haven't gotten very far in the game, I'd strongly suggest changing your style to either single weapon, or dual weapon. Why? One reason: The Katana

The 2-handed sword in BGII does 1d10 damage. The katana, a 1-handed weapon, also does 1d10 damage! So you can either choose to wield 2 of them and get an extra attack per round, or go with the single weapon style, and get a bonus to your AC (a good thing for Kensai).
Old 09-28-2000, 05:33 PM   #3

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Thanks for the feedback, but it also raises another question. Where did you find this info? Is it standard AD&D info or something on a web site?

I am the curious sort, so I would like to read up on some of this info for myself. Mainly I was curious as to what level a Kensai gets to choose his fighting style.

Old 09-29-2000, 07:14 PM   #4

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You can get information on all the weapons etc. just by reading their descriptions in game. One thing I will mention is that the Katana is EXTREMELY rare. I have found a +2 life draining 2 handed sword and a ton of +1 two handed swords. I have found ZERO magical Katanas (although i've seen one +1 in a store). Additionally you loose 3 points to dual weild when you could use those same points to grandmaster or supplement your 2 handed weapon proficiency with 2 handed fighting style (which increaes speed and damage, etc.)

Its all a question of style.
Old 09-30-2000, 12:45 AM   #5

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Although people think the manual is full of great info, it's missing some really key stuff. It has zip, zero, nada on Monk skills for instance.

The only real way to see this info is in game. Whenever you get a proficiency screen you can scroll down to the bottom and left click on the fighting style labels. In the info box you will get a full description.

Also, a lot of kit information is only available in game, or at the BGChronicles site. It's not in the game manual either.

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