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Old 10-26-2000, 08:44 PM   #11

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Anomen is a big ol lump of cocky dung. Hes a jerk off all the time. Obviously many haven't discovered the wonderous spell, Insect plague, sound familiar? 100% casting fail, makes em run away, hits em constanty for 1 point of damage, and it spreads to all of the enemies, Jaheiras summon fire elemental is quick and doesn't turn on ya, she can heal as well as any cleric, and whom ever said she doesn't get any good weapons can't be very far in the game, I have a 1d6 + 3 +10 spear which stomps evil just as well if not better than minsc, just slap the girdle onto her and she IS better than minsc at fighting, she can raise, she gets to level 14, just about how far Anomen will go since he is dual class, but anyhow thats my two cents, oh can't forget the ever popular call lightning(course ya rarely fight hard battles outside, but its still a fun spell)
Old 10-27-2000, 01:46 AM   #12

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Just curious how Anomen managed to dual-class if he's got a wisdom of 12? Don't you have to have a prime requisite score of at least 17 in your second-class score to dual class?

Or did he get in because of his noble blood?
Old 10-27-2000, 09:14 AM   #13

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Anomen's mother asked her "friend" Sir Ryan Trawl to sponsor him into the order as a cleric after his father refused to buy him weapons and armor. That's how he became dual with only a wisdom of 12. Or, to put it another way, because the developers broke the rules for the sake of the story.
Old 10-29-2000, 03:37 PM   #14

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Actually I had both in my party until I got the Holy Avenger, then I dropped Jaheira for Keldorn because I need Anomen. Jaheira is very good, the blackblood club is good, but if a creature is immune to acid it's a little deficient. I personally used the club of splintering, which also hits for 2 points of damage for 4 rounds. She can wear the full plate stuff, and with a club and shield her ac was -7! (yeah yeah I got minsc up to -10 in the underdark, but that darn stuff turns to dust as soon as you leave) Bottom line, both are very good, but one will probably have to go if you need Kaldorns Holy Avenger. And yes, you get a killer druid only staff at chapter 7, just before the final 2 battles (whoopti doo) (I think it's a staff plus 4, and gives automatic barkskin and also has some other abilities, wouldn't this theoretically lower her AC to -10? Just a thought)
Old 10-30-2000, 07:22 AM   #15

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You're all nuts. Anomen stinks, plain and simple. He should be diced into beefy chunks and fed to Boo. Only a total fool, which is what Anomen is, would assign 10 to Dexterity, especially as a fighter class. He sucks as a cleric with his low wisdom score, unless you can put up with him for long enough to become a knight, which takes a LOT of patience. He brags, and whines, and randomly attacks your party if he fails his test of knighthood. Jaheira, on the other hand, has very well rounded stats, with a high dexterity and proficiencies in clubs and scimitars. Though her attitude was terrible in BG1, it improves massively in BG2. She's about twenty times more bearable than Anomen. She makes for an excellent healer, and finally, she has the druid spell Iron Skins, which means that she can go into battle without fear of any sort of physical attack. Need I say more?

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