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Old 01-09-2010, 04:40 AM   #11
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Default Re: Brood Mutha, Hush your mouth!

I agree that the Brecilian forest story with the Dalish was generally well written and explained, however I don't think that the inclusion of the Werewolves made for the most original of experiences for me personally, since it was the first place I explored after Lothering. I just had this strong deja vu feeling and couldn't really understand BioWare's choice of including them when they're meant to be creating an IP of their own. Even a friend of mine (who knows nothing about cRPGS) watching me play the other day commented that he thought the cinematics and cut-scenes seemed stuck in trying to mimic and ape Jackson's style from the LotR films.

*spoilerish information*

To compound my irritation with the area was the silly dragon encounter on the roundabout journey to the lair of Witherfang (conquered at only level 7) and the extremely derivative looking art from the Lady of the Lake from the Witcher. It just rubbed me the wrong way overall and I enjoyed the Mendas plot from TotSC so much more.
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Default Re: Brood Mutha, Hush your mouth!

Got around to defeating big muma. I role play Alistair as the type to only use melee weapons. He tanked the neary foes while the rest, two mages and a bow expert, stayed behind him. Arrows rained down with elemental storm spells upon Brood mother from afar. Still a tough fight on hard. Stay spread out and don't get too close FTW!
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