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Waterdeep Sewers
Level 1

The Sewers of Waterdeep are home to some scary monsters! Since the Sewers connect with Undermountain, it is a given you're going to have trouble. The Xanathar have set up a small camp in the past few Months, and a small group of Bugbears for some odd reason have as well.

Other than the Monsters, this is also a short-cut to Skullport. So many may use it to avoid having to go through Undermountain directly to get there.

The most common Sewer dweller is the Ooze and Sewer Spider. But a new 

addition is a Shadow. These are blackness in the shape of a man, and attack silently. The only good thing is that they are not tough to kill.

As Sewers go, you won't find too many areas of interest, lest they be man made or magical in nature. These Sewers are for Players of Level 8 and up. Anything lower, and you'll have some trouble. (The Demonflesh Golem will require at least a Level 25 Player)



This Door is one of the backdoor's to Skullport. At one time in EFU's history, this used to be the only short-cut to Skullport, and players would use this way, then use the secret teleporters down in Skullport to go even deeper!

Now, this backdoor has re-opened, and comes out exactly where it used to. This will be very nice to use if you don't yet possess a stone item for the
Click on this Link For MoreR.A.T.S. teleporter system...

If you enter this room on a fresh reboot of the server, you will encounter some shadow creatures, Oozes and the
Minotaur from Hell!!


This Ladder comes from the farthest west side of Waterdeep's Dockward, and when you enter this way, you will see a jail type door, which is sealed shut, but you can see a Glowing treasure chest on the other side. The trick is, you need to go back up to Waterdeep, and then to your West, see another entry to the Sewers. Take that entrance, and you will be able to get to that Treasure Chest.


This is the way down to get to the Treasure Chest. You will have to exit back out this way, as its a dead-end. So get the treasure, the really nice item called  [set] Waterdeep Helm the Ages.


This is yet another entrance to the Sewers. This exit is probably closest to Waterdeep's Dockward Tradeway Gates. It's also close to a few popular Stores up there.


This sewer entrance exits to the South-East corner of Waterdeep's Dockward. There are only a few Monsters in this area of the Sewers.


This is the most used Entrance to the Sewers--It is near the Yawning Portal Inn. Most players will enter through this. Be careful, you should be at least level 8 or higher to do well here.


Yet another Exit which goes to the Market areas near the Docks of Waterdeep's Dockward. Nothing interesting in this area to be noted.


This was once another back entrance for Elaith Craulnobur's Store, but someone blew it up and blocked the way through. So, Elaith has posted two Guardsmen to fill it in, and keep guard until the work is complete.


The one and only back entrance to Elaith Craulnobur's Store. If you can get past the Guards--either by killing them or with the token Elaith gave you on an earlier visit, you will enter his warehouse/store. This exit was made incase... Waterdeep's Lords decide what he is selling is illegal, or stolen. Elaith always have a backup plan. (And a backup OF a backup plan)


This exits near Mirt the Moneylender's Mansion in Waterdeep's Dockward.


This room is Disgusting! Full of the bones of eaten adventurers, guardsmen or other monsters. The Monster responsible for these horrors is a Greater Demonflesh Golem. And he's extremely tough, and has a ton of hit points to boot. He will drop Click on this Link For More[set] Pharaun's Kukri of Instant Bleeding though!


The Xanathar have built a large camp here in the Sewers recently. Entering this area will get you attacked instantly, and by many at once! At the end of this hallway is a Treasure Chest and other wares you may like or sell later!
Some of the items are a
+5. And a Ring of Speed.


Here, you see a Sealed Jail-type door, and the ladder up to Waterdeep's Docks.


A band of Bugbears have gathered in this area of the Sewers. It is unknown WHY they are here, as it's not their normal habitat. There are roughly 9 or more in this area, and will attack you on sight.


Here, you will run into two of Elaith Craulnobur's Guardsmen. They are guarding the back entrance to Elaith's Warehouse Shop & personal residence. They are Neutral, so they won't attack you. If, in conversation, you threaten them, they will attack you. (And they are tough Elven Warriors)

Tips & Hints By Players
If you have some tips for Waterdeep's Sewers Level 1  Email Us


Demonflesh Golem

This is a tip on killing the tough Demonflesh Golem. First, piercing weapon or slashing weapon will do great damage, but Spells like Fireball and Ice storm are good too! The Golem is immune to Electrical attacks and Acid.





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