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March 2008

New Levels Open
Level 14 has opened, and Now Level 15 is about to open it's doors as well! In a few days, You will see the new level, plus loads of NEW Stores in Waterdeep, and other dungeons and areas!

I am also working on adding MANY new quests for each level of Undermountain, as well as redoing Level 6 and 7. Soon, there will be Live Server events in which one faction of inhabitants will take over another level of Undermountain for themselves. See how this changes things....

New Website Update Coming
I'll be adding a load of new screenshots--who knows, maybe I have some of YOU when I snapped them in invisible DM Mode! :)

Also, I'll be adding some hints and tips and special facts about Undermountain some may have overlooked. Also, I'll be starting a guide that'll show off the important players in Undermountain as well as the Locales of importance.

Nov 2007


EFU Patch 1.3 has been released! It has been broken up into two rar files. You NEED both.
This patch also adds a different TLK file, so read the readme file for directions on where to put it.

This patch includes even more custom content designed by myself, and adds new tilesets, weapons, monster models, and more.


Oct 2007

MASSIVE v1.1 PATCH Released!

This is the first patch for MASSIVE. It's filename is efu10_patch2.hak when unzipped. It is required to play EFU. In the patch is new content, and bug/error corrections, as well as some surprises!



2007 and Back
MASSIVE v1.0 Released!

After 14 Months, hundreds of hours of work, the brand NEW Escape From Undermountain Hakpak is  released!! If you can provide MIRROR sites, PM me on Ironworks Forum please.

MASSIVE v1.0 is large. 650MB. I have 2 versions of it for download. A 'one big file' or a 'bunch of smaller files' to download. Your choice, both will be the same.

Not only does this hak add nearly ALL the best custom content from the most professional modders, but I have created a substantial amount of custom content myself. Tiles, Placeables, weapons, creatures, body parts, icons and everything else! Over 1000 new placeables alone are in the hak!

Release to be right after NWN 1.67 Patch!

Wow, it's finally nearing release! I have put so many hours -- 100's of hours into this all new hak, and LOADS of it is custom made by me--3D Models, and all. Expect this hakpak to change Undermountain in many ways. The release will be a few days after the release of the latest NWN Patch, which will be v1.67. And will also add new stuff! I just need a few days to do last minute checks, and make sure everything is working right, and after more than a year in development, YOU get to enjoy this!

The Hakpak you have been waiting for
is nearly here!

Over a YEAR in development, the brand new Hakpak for EfU is about to be released! This will add the most new content to EfU ever! Many of the new features have been created just for EfU, with new tilesets, new monsters, items, icons, and 1000's of other amazing creations as well, from all the best custom content Authors on NWN's IGN! Stay tuned to this page, as the release is days away!

Escape from Undermountain Portrait Pack Released
The Official Escape from Undermountain Portrait Pack 1 has been released! It is NOT necessary to have this to play EFU, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you do. Each of these portraits have been downloaded from IGN, and I would like to thank each artist for these amazing portraits--Only the best have been added, and they are amazing.

There are two flavors (each the same). Download the all in one pack, which is 72MB, or for the dial-up people, I have split the huge file into 10.5Mb and there are 8 files.

 Click here to Download the Portrait Pack 1


Escape from Undermountain CEP
Hotfix Released

 This fix will correct a bug with the human female heads hak that the latest Neverwinter Nights Patch messed up. Go to this thread in the EFU forum to download the patch!

New Preview Page Added
I have added a new page to show you some of the new content coming soon in the new custom hakpak I am working on for EfU. On the left, click on the link "Upcoming Hakpak Preview page".

The New Elminster Model is almost complete, and you can see a preview image of it on our
Escape from Undermountain Forum

There is a brand new Portrait pack for EfU! This is a recommended download, but it is optional. Most people will download it, so you should snag it. :)

Also, for the last 4 Months, I have been creating my own custom content for a soon-to-be released Hakpak for our Mod, EfU. It will add loads of brand new monsters, plot NPC's, Icons for new gloves, boots, keys and weapons!

Also, there will be some new tilesets which I didn't make. This Hakpak will be the single most important Hakpak released for our mod, as it adds the needed content for the main plotline I have in the works! Keep checking this site for the release date!

Feb 21st, 2005
The entire 8th Level of Undermountain has been totally reconstructed and redone! ALL New monsters, and the Malarites now look tough now, and there are loads of nice treasures to be found on that level for characters of level 25-36!

July 16th, 2004
Added Khelben Blackstaff's Teleporter Maze as well as 2 other new levels. Loads of NEW Weapons added!

June 26th, 2004
Sarvos NPC Quest and Kraken Society Quests have been added to Skullport Level 3. More to come. Read Full Article

June 24th, 2004
Undermountain Level 3 has been completely replaced with a new, and much larger, and interactive level. Full of intrigue, hidden quests, and secrets! We'll be adding to it daily for many weeks as well! Read Full Article

June 22nd, 2004
Added a load of new items--sets items, unique items and others. I have also balanced the treasure you find in the Yawning Portal Inn, and fixed a few Bugs that popped up..



EFU Began Online in 2002
But the Website Wasn't created Until 2004


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