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Remember to read the readme file that came with each Hakpak RAR file.
It is named MASSIVE_README.txt

I have downloaded the 'Massive' Hakpak files. Where do I put everything?

Ok, say you installed your Neverwinter Nights 1 game to C:\Neverwinter Nights. This is where you put the files (see the file extensions)

C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\hak - All *.hak files go in this dir.
C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\tlk - The efu_cep.tlk goes in this dir.

C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\music - All *.bmu files go in this dir.

[Important] When you unzip all three files, one of the files is another rar file. This is the file efu10_music.rar. all the files in that RAR go into the music directory above. Just extract the RAR to that dir, but make SURE it doesn't create a sub directory in the music directory!

Once you put each of the files in the right folder, you are ready to play
Escape from Undermountain!

I have a 7800 or Higher Geforce Graphics card, and the menu is blacked out. What is going on?

The newer nVidia Graphics Drivers have trouble with Neverwinter Nights. As of now, there is no fix for this, but there is a solution, and it's easy. You need to download an older nVidia Driver. Download it Here

I'm getting an error message that says something like "Custom Talk Table required" or "Custom Talk Table not found".

When you unpacked the three RAR Files, you must have accidentally put the file efu_cep.tlk in another directory.

Download the file
HERE and save it to your
C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\tlk directory, or where ever you installed your NWN Game. Make sure this file goes into the TLK directory.

I am getting an error when I try to connect to your Escape from Undermountain Mod. It says I am missing CEP files?

Yes, Escape from Undermountain (EFU) requires not only our hakpaks, but also the Community Expansion Pack, or CEP for short. EFU requires version CEP 1.51 or higher to play EFU.

If you don't have CEP, please download it at their official IGN site

Does CEP or MASSIVE cost me anything?

Nope, CEP and EFU's Massive Hakpaks are Free to use. They were created by fans for fans. Although you may NOT sell these hakpaks.

I found a bug or error while playing Escape from Undermountain. Where can I report this issue?

I pride myself on perfection, but I'm human, and make mistakes. If you see a misspelled word in-game, or some type of error or bug, please report this problem on the Official EFU Website, in this thread HERE. Thanks!

I would like to have one of my characters in EFU deleted. Where do I go to get this done?

Visit the Official EFU Forum in this Thread Here and post your login name, and your character's name you wish to be deleted.

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