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Old 11-20-2000, 11:00 AM   #11

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You can purchase them...! Just check for a white box (unless theyve changed the box design recently) i saw alot of these old classics from yesteryear in the shops recently (well 6 months ago anyways) the wizardry 1-6 was called the "Bards Tale Collection" the SSi ones "Forgotten Realms Collection" and Eye of the beholder 1,2&3 and Ultima Underworld 1&2 called "The Ultimate RPG Collection" All purchasable in shops.... All of them are DOS games.. most can be played in WIN98/ME dos box. Others require "Real-Mode DOS and need the "restart in dos mode" in WIN98 or an old WIN98 or MS-DOS boot disk to bypass WINME.
Old 11-20-2000, 11:09 AM   #12

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>> My OS - Win 98
>> I just don't like running games in dos mode

Hehehe neither do i.. but if you have an old DOS game.. you aint got much choice... depends if youre desperate enough to play an old game from back when my pc was an amiga...(late 80's), remember the game "Dungeon Master" Then i bought an 8086 with a whopping 512 meg ram... played my first "PC" game which was Hillsfar! what a cool game that was in 4 colours... heheh... then i migrated to an 80286 with wait for it.. 640 base memory and a whopping 1 meg of ram.. then i got hllsfar in a staggering 16 colour ega.. hehehe those were the days... now its all trillions of colours... and very little real CRPG... i mean the pc dungeon master is only 400k... low res 256 colours... but i played that game for like 6 months... thats how big the game was.. and all could fit on a floppy.. hell my hdd back then was only 10 megs... most games were played off floppy and saved on a 720k disk!.. heheh

cya all.. gonna get some kip... talk laters...
Old 11-20-2000, 01:02 PM   #13

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You can always try and search the abandonware sites as these games were on two or three disks.

I know the following site has Champions of Krynn for download

I do not advocate piracy. But I also get annoyed when the same guy who hase a car full of copied tapes and saves all the movies he has videoed gets on his high horse over a ten year old game.

Wyvern as you enjoyed my inteleccutal poetry so mush here is anothe I have penned just for you

Wyvern I am at such a loss
as to why you dont like DOS
All our favourite hack n slash
ran picture perfect without a crash
no waiting around for a fix
or forever wondering whats deep six
I say DOS should have lived forever
Whats the spell to rid of
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thefox... hehehe.. if you had a 8086 with 512 megs of ram I am going to go hide somewhere.. somehow I think you meant 'k' of ram
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