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Old 11-04-2001, 05:21 AM   #11
Symbol of Cyric

Join Date: July 16, 2001
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thanks for replying guys. Would'nt it be better to start a b Gtae 3 game with another god challanging you?
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Old 11-05-2001, 02:22 PM   #12
Darth Bob
Drow Warrior

Join Date: October 3, 2001
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Wait a minute, so in NWN you will lose the +stats you gain? Even if there not cheated (like the machine of lum the mad in WK lvl 3 dor intance?)and all your XP, so you start out at level 1 all over again!? Whats the point then, you could make a new charater, roll the same stats you originally had, and give the same name, and you have an exact copy with out importing! I still think they could do a BG3 with the child of bhaal, after all you DO get to choose to become mortal (not that I would ever do such a thing) but they could either assume you did and countine from there, or assume you become a god and do something (there creative they can figure something out) or something else, like have it look at your import to see if you become a god or not, thus 2 comepletly (almsot) diffrant games in 1! HURRAY! (although my cheers ar 99.999% most likly in vain, still....)
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Old 11-05-2001, 04:06 PM   #13

Join Date: October 2, 2001
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legolas, *which* relatively reliable games magazine?

and darth bob - it just takes your illegal stats -like stuff you get from tomes/lum the mad which takes you above race/class limits. like str of 19 or wis of 20.

anyway, baldurs gate _is- the child of bhall sage. using another character, and they may as well come up with a new name. of course there are many , many idiots in the world who wouldnt buy it cos its not called BG, but who cares about them? plus. maybe they'll stop phoning me when they get stuck if they dont buy it.

another character, in the Forgotten Realms, in 3d... does anybody else automatically think of NWN? or is it just me?
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