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Old 07-09-2002, 08:23 PM   #1
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Cocoaspud, I have a question or 2 for you. First of all, I did DL the latest version of DC. But, I was looking thru the game and I had these things come to me.

What is the "Custom Area View Art" button on the wall selction screen, is that for using a picture that you map on??? (like a picture of a scroll that holds the map)

How about a Multiple-password event, such that you could go to some NPC and ask him about different things (as in different passwords) and if the typed word is found then it goes to the corresponding event or text (kinda like a question button event).

I've looked at the msg board and seen the talk about spell editing, and I was wondering, how close are we to having spell editing capability?

Oh yeah, can't forget, This game is amazing...
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Old 07-27-2002, 09:05 AM   #2
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The default area view art shows little horizontal and vertical bars that are around four pixels in width (guessing, from memory). The same area view art is used for all walls. You can use the Custom button to specify a different area view source image for that particular wall slot.

I'm not clear on how the password thing would work. You could use the QuestionButton event, with each button chaining to a PasswordEvent, which chains to something else if the password is correct. Or, you can use GPDL to make the NPC converse with the player Ultima4-style. That is, certain keywords typed by the player trigger certain responses by the NPC.

The spell coding makes slow but steady progress. You can play around with the editor in it's current form. Some basic spells should work ok. I'm interested in hearing about any bugs that turn up. It seems like every time I look at the PHB spell list I see something else I need to make possible somehow.
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