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Old 11-18-2000, 12:14 AM   #11
Welcomed New User

Join Date: January 7, 2001
Location: Boston, MA, USA
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Not really though if you pick your spells right they can be fun.The variety of spells available to a mage make them the stronger class.
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Old 11-18-2000, 12:59 AM   #12

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My current character:
Shahakran (Chaotic Evil)
Human Invoker Lv. 19
Old 11-18-2000, 01:23 AM   #13

Posts: n/a

Charactor Myrek brought over from BG1 ToSc
Multiclass fighter/mage levels 12/12
Old 11-18-2000, 03:23 AM   #14
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: February 28, 2001
Location: Boston/Sydney
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Sorcerers are like the Arcanists of fabled Netheril, able to draw into the Weave of magic and shape their spells with no need for physical study. Karsus the Great, Lord of Lords, the Arcanist Supreme, the Proudest Mage of All, was a Sorcerer!

Sorry, got a bit off topic...the Sorcerer's instant ability to cast any spell from his repertoire puts him ahead of the mage in my book. If i could dual into a sorcerer instead of a mage i would, but i can't

Ummm...what's ICQ
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Old 11-18-2000, 03:59 AM   #15

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Current Character: Jax, 12th Lvl Undead Hunter (Human Paladin)

I normally play 1/2 Elven Fighter/Mage/Thief, but it would take forever to level up with a triple class. The Undead Hunter seemed the best equipped to complete the quests (No Level Drain, excellent against Undead.)
Old 11-18-2000, 04:24 AM   #16
Sir Rich

Posts: n/a

I imported my character over from BG1, and then back from BG2 after I beat it the first time (2nd time through)

Rich, Lvl 34 Fighter (I removed the level cap)
Focused on 2 handed weapon fighting, maxed out 2h sword and am working on halberd now.
Old 11-18-2000, 04:49 AM   #17

Posts: n/a

Never tried a sorcerer. It's true that memorization isn't needed; but don't they only get five or so spells per level?
Old 11-18-2000, 05:44 AM   #18

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Tyriel, Lvl 11 Fighter, Human Male, Neutral Good, currently at Chapter 4

+++++ Two-Handed Sword
++ Two-Handed Weapon Style

Combat style: Yoshimo lays traps, lures enemies into traps, and Nalia and Aerie
start pounding with Melf's Minute Meteors.

Tell me if I suck, cos personally, I think I do.
Old 11-18-2000, 06:52 AM   #19

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Gawyn, 15th lvl Kensai, +++++ long sword, +++ dual wield
THAC0 so far is -7 main hand, -5 off hand, and so many attacks per round its not funny.
Old 11-18-2000, 06:56 AM   #20

Posts: n/a

My character, Suul-Yinn, was transferred from BG1 and is a female elven(drow appearance) mage/thief lvls 13/15 and still rising, as I have only just started Chapter 4. I chose an elf because they get +1 with longswords and short-bows, which a thief can use. This is handy when you are out of spells early on. They are resistant to charm type spells and get +1 DEX, always useful! In proper ad&d they are resticted to certain levels, but luckily not in BG. My next character will be a male Kensai/mage dual-classed at lvl 9, to allow for romances and maximum level for mages, if I do not use the EXP cap remover. I agree with Memnoch that you should be able to dual to a sorceror, especially as it is more in keeping with your heritage(child of Bhaal). I would love to play a druid/mage but again no joy. In general mages win out because at higher levels they can take on armies.

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