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Old 11-02-2000, 04:46 AM   #1

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Ok first of all skills. Are there limits on how high you can get your skill levels? What about that scrolling bug I heard about with skills where you can 't access lower skills? I'd like to get my fighters to a high level with tons of skills (all weapons, etc) before I change to another class. When you change class, do they start over like in wizardry with levels and experience?

Also here is a tip: Before you move up a level, save the game. Keep trying it until you get like 15 hps and 3 ability points. If you only get 1 hp, quit and reload and try again. It sucks to get 1 hp...

Can you get to a very high level or does it sort of get impossible after level 18 or so...? The highest I heard was 18 by the guy who cheated a lot.

Also, can classes join other guilds than their own class? Is this beneficial?

Also I found a horse and a raft but think they are stupid (The horse impedes view, the raft is just lam e...) Do you really need these for anything?

Also about ANkhs...can you buy these anywhere? Any random monsters who drop them? Anyway to get a lot of them? I found two so far. Also how high can you raise your abilities with these?

THanks a lot for whoever replys.. Thanks lawrence for the last reply

L8ter, Jdawg
Old 11-02-2000, 03:06 PM   #2

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Well, raft IS useful, as you know you can run while swimming (holding SHIFT makes run), but when you are on raft you can 'run' on water, so basicly you are much faster on raft than swimming. Horse is useless tho, just monsters (low ones) cannot hit you as well as you cannot hit them (I mean melee weapons - swords, axes, etc. Spells work). Every class has certain skills available to train when you get new lvl, when you switch to different class, you can lose some potential skills and get different ones. Guilds are useful for getting quests, special items and training, also to role ascension. I had every character in at least one guild. Warriors in Armory and some also in Bushi Dojo, thief in PAwn Shop, Armory, Bushi Dojo (thief-ninja-assasin ascension). I have samurai that can access wizard guild (warrior + wizard), but don't see any paoint in it. There is no cap for skills or lvl. I have couple finished on lvl 20 (but also + 6-12 levels before they changed class). No pint to go higher than skill 7 in skill. Skill 7 will give access to all spells in certain school, also sword can hit anything with skill 6-7. I think with skill 7 you can feel pretty done with certain skill and train another.
When you switch classes, you start on lvl 1 again, but you don't lose any exp or skills. Before you get to higher lkvl in new class than old class, you get only one hitpoint and rarely any ability point. When you get higher than old class lvl you are back in regular leveling.
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Horses can be useful when out running an Amazon plant or group of monsters. Other than that it is just something to do.
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Old 11-03-2000, 12:03 AM   #4
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Horse runs faster than you, which is good for out-running not only Amazoni Mantraps, but Erathsmador out in the open. Raft goes faster than you can swim and allows you to skip fighting pirannha. Either will allow you to get between distant points in a minimum of time, although if you want to fight in either case, you do better dismounting either, which can be a pain, especially with the horse (I always seem to dismount on the far side from the enemy, which allows them to shoot garbage at me). In addition, there are certain areas the horse just can't fit because the trees are too close, although you could walk through them yourself without a problem (one is a path north from Ishad N'ha to the Lake; another is halfway through the clearing to the Samurai Burial Grounds).

Stats max out at 24, so far as I can tell. Guilds specialize in one specific Stat and will allow you to train it up to 20 (to the contrary of their telling you only 1, after which that skill option will be removed. Ankhs will raise the Stat they are for by 1 point up to the 24 max, after that they just "Fail" and you lose them.

Skills are based on Intelligence at a 1:4 rate, which means you can get up to 6 skill points per level. The number of skill points needed to raise a skill from one level to the next increases with each skill level, so it becomes a question of whether you wish to use the points on the high-level skills and train the low-level skills (which would cost less) or spend alot of money raising the high-level skills and use the points to bring up the low-level skills quickly. There is no 'right' way, so choose whichever you would prefer. Skills appear to max out at Level 12.

Training a skill in a Guild will bring that skill up to the next whole number (the cost is pro-rated if you have it partially done already). Depending on which class you are, you may be able to access multiple guild halls and train a skill in each one (ie, my Samurai is presently training Sword/Athletics in the Dojo, Second Weapon in the Armory, and Sun Spells in the Magic Shoppe). Most important is the fact that you can train again after levelling, so it becomes important to keep track of how far over in experience you are after 'attaining' a level before actually levelling. If you have enough experience to level twice (which can happen at low levels), you will level in succession after hitting the Level button only once, which means you miss out on the chance to train after the first level-up because you go right to the second one.

Experience requirements appear to level off at 250k, but I didn't notice at what level it happened, so I can't tell you that.

Hit points are re-rolled on every level. If your present HP exceeds the rolled value, you only get 1. Resetting will cause a new roll to be performed, HOWEVER, considering that the more levels you reset to get a max HP addition, the lower the percentage chance that you will get a max roll on the next level, you are more or less working towards a virtual impossibility of getting extra HP on each successive level. IE, considering a 4-sided die:

Level 2 - 2d4 - 37.5% chance to get 6 or higher (6 out of 16)
Level 3 - 3d4 - 31.25% chance to get 9 or higher (20 out of 64)
Level 4 - 4d4 - 25.78% chance to get 12 or higher (66 out of 256)
Level 5 - 5d5 - 11.82% chance to get 16 or higher (121 out of 1024)

What this means is that if you reset every time you level in order to get 75% or more of your Maximum Hit Points, by the time you are trying this for level 4 (only the third time you've levelled), you have a 1 in 4 chance at best of getting enough HP to keep you at that Max %. By level 5, 1 in 9. Since bonus from Stats (Fortitude) is applied unilaterally, it doesn't really figure into the equation (HP Range would change from "Minimum to Maximum" to "(Minimum + Bonus) to (Maximum + Bonus)"). The percentages get worse if you use a greater-sided die, which I'm sure they do.
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