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Old 11-25-2000, 11:47 PM   #1

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I'm a bit behind everyone, as I was out of town for a week. I've finally gotten to Elyssa (sp.?) and cannot seem to kill her. I don't have "silence" spell, but do have "negate magic". The problem seems to be all of those serpent priest spellcasters.

Can anyone office advice?
Old 11-26-2000, 12:02 AM   #2

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I killed the other priests first. Before you enter her chamber it helps to cast any magic spells that will prevent you from getting thumped right off the bat. Merlins shield, armored realm etc.. you can also "dodge" some of their magic. Witches sticks work well - they put them to sleep for a while. Put them to sleep - move to the next one and whack away. W/ any magic protection you should be O.K.
Old 11-26-2000, 05:54 AM   #3
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The tactic that I think would work well (never tried it myself) would be to fry Elyssia big time with your best spells (I had meteorstorm then woohoo) while still up at the very top of the auditorium / temple / whatever. Once she's down and your starting to take major damage from the henchmen, retreat back down the very small entry passage to a point just behind a corner and let them come to you. There they can only come at you one or two at a time - plenty of room to balance any necessary healing spells with your offence.

Me, I just waded in blindly, fried Elyssia before she got a sentance off, and wondered where all the other dudes came from. Strode forward confidently (hey we've been taking these guys apart on a regular basis now) and found they were a much tougher breed with better magic. Barely got through the fight alive, especially with my bloodthirsty pixie casting Flamestrike a couple of times when we were in a hand to hand situation. Things actually improved for us when she got paralysed. Let us know how you got on.
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Old 11-26-2000, 06:31 AM   #4

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Hmm.. I summoned a lot of monsters that took care of the other priests. While they´re fighting them just be a coward and use lightning and that kind of stuff to fry them. As for Elyssa she´s no match in close combat, just run into her and whack the hell out of her..................
Old 11-26-2000, 03:58 PM   #5

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THANKS, everyone. I kinda combined the suggestions. I protected myself with everything I had - haste, nimble, bless, heroic might, armored realm, and bloodlust. Then I went in and get her started toward me. I hit her first with "negate magic" then with some burning mist or something.

Next I backed out of the door and hit the first Priest with flamedrop.

That allowed me to back around the first corner and heal. As the priests came at me, I used swords, axes, daggers and the witch staff (sleep worked well) on the ones closest to me while using "flamedrop" on the ones in the back.

As Elyssa came at me, I did another "negate magic" and just use melee weapons to finally defeat her.

Thanks, everyone for your help! Now on to the Stout Mines, I think! (I don't want to get Boogered)
Old 11-27-2000, 12:01 AM   #6

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I just sent a few offensive spells at her from the upper doorway, this triggered the six priests. Then, as they came up the stairs toward me, in a neat 2x2 fashion, I loosed flamedrops, flamestrikes, elemental blasts ( priest killers ), and some shocks spells. Then after all the priests died, I simply ran down and put the smack down on the Elyssia.

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