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Old 07-11-2001, 12:55 AM   #21
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Originally posted by Robin, Thief of Hearts:
That team is thief-challenged man. I guess Valygar is the closest? He's sure the coolest( of the NPC's that is. ).

You can use rangers to do the stealthing, and Valygar can backstab. Nalia is a fair hand at locks & traps, but she's no whiz. Overall, you can manage at a stretch without Jan.

Assuming that you have one of the Rangers doing the concealed work, this leaves you with just 2 heavy fighters. Jaheira can pinch hit though. You need more physical firepower? I'd pick Mazzy. She's fast and tough, and can shoot.

If you need abilities against the Undead, take Anomen. If you prefer wrecking enemy mages, then Keldorn is your man. Overall, I found that Anomen at high levels was a VERY powerful character, and his spells were more effective later in the game against the type of monsters you'll come to face.
Keldorn and Anomen is a fun combo, because those two seem to talk to each other quite a bit. They are also two of the best and well balanced characters in the game, and a must have for a good aligned party. Keldorn has the best voice lines...(TORM take you! is much preferable to Minsc' incoherent babbling IMO)

Your exactly right about Anomen being a terrific character later on. As I mentioned in another thread, he's my choice of NPC MVP. I quite simply cannot seem to form a group without him!

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Old 07-11-2001, 01:25 AM   #22
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Hmm you do have too many rangers IMO, also 1 healer and 1 mage really isnt adequate I think.
Drop either Valygar or Minsc, bring in Imoen-she is also a better thief than Nalia-and either Anomen or Keldorn for the 6th spot. Anomen would probably balance your party out a little better, as he would be the extra healer and support magic caster.
Imo Keldorn rox0r but he is not indispensable, Anomen would balance the party out better. If you dont mind dropping both rangers then you could include Keldorn or even Mazzy, preferably Mazzy as its handy having at least one party member who can achieve mastery in a given weapon.
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