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Old 06-18-2006, 08:53 AM   #1
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has anyone heard of a successful or even partially completed translation of Baldur's Gate I and/or Baldur's Gate II into NeverWinter Nights? I am sure it would easily become a Persistent World maker's wet dream and all, but I have always wondered if anyone has even attempted to take up the challenge. Given the huge amounts of work it would take to try to reconstruct Candledeep (is that the name of the first city you are in) alone would more than likely take weeks. A true conversion could possibly take a year or three in the process, especially with all the romance conversations, the possible additions of all those new henchmen modules people were always rejoiceing over, MINSC! (who gets a category all to himself), trying to transfer all the weapons... and then imagine if you will utilizing the Players Resource Consortium add-on for extra flavour. Oh the sheer terrifying joys...

Yes, this is a double post. The reason for this is I wanted to know something else inside of the NeverWinter Nights forums: exactly how hard do you think this would be? Given the sheer number of variables involved (time of module, how long it would be to finish if player finished all the quests, potential for epic level characters, how WOULD you have the original henchmen level up, do you go and include all those various modules out there to extend the game and raise the difficulty, et cetera), would it be even thesible for one person or a team of people to actually sit down and redo Baldur's Gate I and II for NeverWinter Nights?

As well, if you were going to start throwing in additional module content, would you make one "original flavour" BG I&II module and one "extra spicy BG I&II" which would have all that extra content, including new quests, new dragons, new armors and ways to get eaten, and other such goodies (like new spells people have created, the PRC, CEP creatures and devices)?

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In a single word, NO...I once undertook making the maps for that project, and while I made some great progress, all that work was lost when my PC was stolen by my ex. The sheer scope of areas makes the task daunting, and some of the quests would be nigh impossible to implement, such as rescuing Samuel? in BG1, where you only have so many days. Adding .haks would only complicate it further. Other factors to consider would be party size, etc. While it could be done, I won't say easily, it would be a project that took a team of dedicated builders, because for one man, it would wear out the desire to build. It would take one man several weeks, probably, to recreate all the weapons in game, not to mention, once you get to them, the weapon/armor smiths, and our good good ToB friend Cespenar...and his book of recipies, and most of this stuff could not be left out either, as people would be looking for them, and in the places they were used to finding them. I won't even begin to touch on conversations, alternate quests, plot lines, all the sub plots. Assuming someone had started on it on release of NWN's, they might be about ready to release now, if there weren't any copyright issues. I don't know if there could be, but it's possible.
This would be a long way from making an abstract module. There are a lot of things that people would expect to find, outside of the stuff I've already listed, and if they don't find these things, they will be disappointed, and it would show.
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