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Variol (Farseer) Elmwood
Jack Burton

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Default Re: The Beginner's Reference - about 20 pages

W&W was a love thing for me. I hated the engine, but loved the game. You can't really touch Wiz 8 though, it's a marvel. Now, if someone could tell me what the Umpani are doing with swords when they have all this technology...
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Default Re: The Beginner's Reference - about 20 pages


Your first two recruited NPCs will be a Valkyrie and a Rogue, so plan your party accordingly. In general, however, because each NPC will not enter certain areas, they all eventually become weaker than your party, and may become more experience leechers than assistance. Recruitable NPCs I've found are:

* Rogue - Arnika
* Valkyrie - Arnika
* Gadgeteer - Trynton
* Ranger - Mt. Gigas
* Monk - Mines
* Samurai - Mines
* Fighter - Bayjin
* Psionic - Arnika
* Lord - Wilderness Clearing
* Ninja - Wilderness Clearing

If you are planning on creating uber characters, it can't really be done without cheating. Switch classes to a permanent one early, if at all. Due to character-based spawning of monsters, I strongly recommend a party with zero class changes (i.e. Fig-Mon-Ran-Bar-Pri-Mag, using the Rogue NPC and Knock Knock scrolls/spells for locks).

Save your game often, and keep an archive of previous saves. You could get stuck with big monster groups around you and need to restore (you can change the difficulty while playing, however). The clipping plane can also stick your party against some walls, so beware.

Green colored (on the map) NPCs will aid you in fighting while taking no experience away. Summon Elemental, Elemental Shield, and other defensive spells are also very useful. Once you get them, always keep an Enchanted Blade, Magic Screen, and similar spells active.

Camp often. Later in the game I found it useful to set a portal in a safe camping location (the bank vault, for example) and portal in and out between big fights.

You can practice some spells outside of combat. If you're bored you could really pump up some traits this way.

Offensive magic is very weak. Concentrate on defensive and disabling spells, and build up good fighters to tank boss monsters.

When exploring, hug the walls and use them as a defense to your mages in combat; otherwise monsters can surround your whole party, making it hard to cast some spells on them. Find some crevices and map edge sweet spots to camp in.

Right click on monsters to see their resistances; attack accordingly. Also verify your targets; re-aiming for me at least seems a little buggy. Keep in mind monsters may move before you cast area spells.

In general, the game is centered around you finding three items: the Destiny Dominus; the Astral Dominae; and the Chaos Morli. As long as you get these and take them to Ascension peak, most other quests, NPCs, alliances, and the like are all secondary and non-essential (except for disarming the tower).

The three artifacts are:

* Chaos Moliri - You need an alliance letter from either the Umpani or the T'rang. Give it to the Mook hologram in Arnika. Take the Moliri, and to avoid combat, replace it with the fake item the Dark Savant drops when you meet him in the Swamp.
* Astral Dominae - Purchased from the Don in the Ratkin Trees above Trynton, after you have the Chaos Moliri. You can also kill him for it at any time.
* Destiny Dominus - Need Marten's Helm, the Destiny Dominus is in the Sea Caves.

Lower Monastery

When you first start, swim in the water to get to an area with some items. The go back and enter the Lower Monastery. Eventually you'll come across a bridge that can be put up with a red button - do so and jump in the water, go down the waterfall and work your way back up. Click on the skull in the statue's hands to get a key for the safe. Talk with the NPC Burz about a few things. The wheel key to unlock the room at the top bridge is in Arnika (Brafit in Arnika will tell you this when given the Monastery scroll).
Upper Monastery

If you're having trouble in the room with no spell casting allowed, walk out of it during combat and draw any opponents with you. A key will unlock a room where you can break some glass to get some items. Talk to the next NPC here who will provide some more quest information. Cranking up the microwave will yield a chip for your gadgeteer.
Road to Arnika

Good place for building experience, not much else. Apparently you can camp safely behind the locked house.

Talk to and recruit Myles at the town entrance. Stick with the town guards if you're having trouble in combat. Rescue and recruit Vi. Three bank cards can be found around town to open three safes in the bank. Get Marten's badge (behind the locked door) and use it to enter the barracks. The tracking device is fixed with a silver ball you find in the monster cages in Trynton. Make sure you talk with all NPCs in town to get more quest information.

The Smith will charge you with finding several items to make some gear:

Steelhide Armor

* Steelhide Croc Hide - Middle of Swamp
* Poison Seeker Sac - Various, such as Arnika-Trynton Road
* Iron Weed Thorn - Various, such as Arnika-Trynton Road


* Piercer Modai Claw - Various, such as Arnika-Trynton Road
* Wide Cleaver Blade - (Monastery?)
* Giant Picus Egg - Various, such as Trynton and Rapax Zoo

Zynaryx Plate (Faeries Only)

* Venom Crab Shell - Bayjin
* Tomb Skull - Cemetery on Arnika-Trynton Road
* Spider Silk - Various, such as Trynton Branches


* Tanto Wasp Wings - Various, such as Swamp
* Plumed Serpent Feather - Bayjin
* Djinn Eye - Mt. Gigas flag-capture mission, Mountain Wilderness

Ebon Staff

* Wood Spirit Staff - Trynton Trees
* Ebon Gem - Lower Marten's Bluss, by the Diary
* Mummy Dust - Mt. Gigas forbidden tunnels, and cemetery on Arnika-Trynton Road

Arnika-Trynton Road

This is another big stretch (so big the automap can take quite some time to load) good for not much but experience. If you drop a bottle of Holy Water on the cemetery ghost you get some experience. A rat NPC near Trynton will give you a job to hold up the bank - go back to Arnika and give the robbery note to the teller. You may need multiple knock-knocks and a good picker, but there's decent stuff in the safe (alternative: take the tunnel from the trap door in one of the middle prison cells).
Northern Wilderness

At this point you may need to backtrack for some experience. A good place for this is the Northern Wilderness off of the Arnika road. A nasty Hogar there is hoarding some good stuff. You can also obtain a diamond from a band of thieves. Giving it back to the bank teller in Arnika yeilds a little experience.
Mount Gigas

This area is north of the Wilderness. Join up. More NPCs available for recruiting here - a Bard and a Ranger.

The Umpani missions are:

* Complete the obstacle course
* Return with the T'Rang arm (from Marten's Bluff)
* Capture five flags within a training course
* Exchange letters with the Mook in Arnika
* Rescue an Umpani in Bayjin
* Destroy the T'Rang spawner (Use the electropick and increase the spawn rate) [Note: this hostiles the T'Rang].

The Umpani have a teleporter in the Gigas caves that leads to the house on the Arnika Road.

The Trynnie chief will charge you with killing the Breeder Rats. Grab two pieces of vine from an altar and combine them to fix the bridge. Tell the rat mafioso you're looking for the Dark Savant and you'll get a key that leads to the breeders. The Trynnies will tell you about Marten. The Seventh Bough is accessible by using the Mystery Potion purchased from the vendor and the Zuzu Petals. It must only be used in the room labeled seventh bough, after the no magic allowed room.

Another big exploring place. You'll meet the Dark Savant briefly in the middle of the swamp; he'll give you a fake item. Croc is also here in a hut, and will sell you perfume used to catch the Rapax assassin.

Two more recruitable NPCs here - a robot Monk (fixed with the oil from the tower in Arnika) and a T'Rang Samurai. Check out the diagram in the T'Rang's room to see which way to point the mine cart arrows. Eventually you'll find a lever that opens the main door to Marten's Bluff.
Marten's Bluff

The T'Rang stronghold. Use the catapult and climb up to the castle. You can use the T'Rang arm to open a door, and click on a painting of Marten to find his diary.

The T'Rang missions are:

* Return an Umpani flag (for sale in the Mt. Gigas Commissary)
* Squash the Rapax assassin (use the perfume from Croc in the Swamp on the dummy)
* Show the T'Rang the Chaos Moliri (he lets you keep it)
* Tell the T'Rang the coordinates of the Black ship (accomplished by fetching the Black Box in Bayjin and placing it in the machine in Arnika - which is fixed with the silver ball from Bobo's cage in the Trynton trees)
* Locate the Umpani spy (Commissary Sgt.) and sabotage the Umpani runway. [Note: Doing this hostiles the Umpani].

The T'Rang have a teleporter in the lower Bluff that (when fixed with the wires from the dead amputated T'Rrang) leads to the house on Arnika-Trynton Road, Mount Gigas, Rapax Castle, and Marten's Bluff.
Back to Trynton

At this point you can pick up the Idol in Marten's Bluff. Doing so vanishes one of your party. Killing Croc (even pre-emptively) and opening his chest upstairs gets him or her back (or, he asks you to do a quest, but I didn't take too kindly to kidnapping). The Idol can be used at the pedestal in Trynton, and when you tell the Shaman 'Marten' and 'Eternal trust survives the soul' (from Marten's diary) he will give you a key to open a door in the Rattus area and get Marten's Helmet. There also you can buy/kill for the dominus from the Don.

Take the North exit from the Swamp to enter Bayjin. Obtain the flight recorder and rescue the Umpani (the flag from the dead woman is given to Brafit). Then head to the underwater area, also accessible from the Mt. Gigas underwater caves.
Bayjin Shallows

Nessie. 'Nuff said.
Sea Caves

Get a sledgehammer (smash a wall), plank, and fishing string. Look for a hole in the ceiling with a beam across it. Use the fishing string. Click on the skeletons untill you find spiked boots and a key. Use the plank to cross and use the key to find Marten. You seek 'Marten' and 'Knowledge'. Make sure your character holding the Dominus is also wearing the Helm of Sanity (then camp if some have gone insane).
Mountain Wilderness

Talk to Bela and Anslem for more quest information.
Southeast Wilderness

A church holds some strong monsters. Otherwise this area is pretty uneventful.
Rapax Rift

Talk to the prisoner, who will charge you with obtaining a staff. When the beams cave in near the pool, click on the crooked support beam to open a path up the stairs. Use the Sanctuary Key and disarm the lava trap to obtain the summoning stone. Next use the key-shaped wand to obtain the staff, then give it to the prisoner. Use the summoning stone and talk to who you find.
Rapax Courtyard

Just a passage way to the Castle.
Rapax Castle

You'll want to become a Templar as soon as possible to avoid the tedoius combats in the Castle. Hug your left wall when you enter. The initiation riddle answers are: Skin; Brain; Heart. Select a party member and become a Templar. Then you will find a teleporter to Ascension Peak.

To end the Enthrallment, you can go back to where El Dorado was and kill Al-Sexedus without hostiling the Templar by this trick: attack only her, and freeze or paralize her minions, then run away.

Ferro the armorer has a few custom items to make:

Mirror Armor

* Silver Ore - Lugging it around for so long I forgot (Mines?)
* Obsidian Piece - Rapax Rift, near the small broken bridge
* Locket of Reflextion - Various

Vampire Chain

* Vampire Bat's Wing - Various
* Chain - NPC Prisoner's cell in Rapax Rift
* Heart of a Sorceress - SE Wilderness Church

Ivory Blade

* Hogar Tusk - Various, such as Mountain Wilderness cave
* Piece of Coral - Sea Caves
* Ring of Protection - Various

Ferro has a key you can pickpocket (or give him the Pickled Trinnie for) for the items in his safe.
Rapax Castle Cellar

The drunken Constiable has a key you can pickpocket.
Upper Rapax Castle

The auomap here is troublesome, so keep a mental note of where you are. Use the portcullis key to access the upper areas. Turn the dial behing the statue holding a spear to get to a Rapax war room. Place the Queen's notes in the tube by the shimmering wall. Use the Queen's key to obtain a rod that opens a one-way portal to Arnika. The King's Key is used in the room with the Hogar head by the wood panel.
Savant Tower

Play with the four buttons, watching how the poles move, until the bomb is disarmed.
Wilderness Clearing

You need to be a Rapax Templar to enter this area safely. Talk to the King and get a Key. You can also pickpocket another one from him.

Free both prisoners (use the key and then pick their two locks), free the Queen with the King's Cave Key, get a letter from the T'Rang, see the Umpani General, and launch a rocket at the Black Ship (use the T'Rang tracking device on the Missile console).
Ascension Peak

There are three paths from the middle area, each with a well-locked door. Kill the Rapax Prince and his entourage. When fighting the boss monsters keep in mind your defensive spells, and Summon Elemental is especially useful. If you're playing on Ironman I suggest you pay a toll if asked. You will come to three temples to place your three artifacts. Riddle answers are:

* Chaos Moliri: Change, Dark Savant
* Destinae Dominus: Knowledge, Higardi
* Astral Dominae: Life, Phoonzang

Cosmic Circle

If you fight the Savant, only concentrate your attacks on him; when he dies, so do his minions.
The End

Here is a complete walkthrough that I found at a very nice website which can tell you all gadgets, potions, armor, weapons, spells, maps (all), this walkthrough, the point, and the story. At to find other things just go to the top and put your cursor over Wiz 8 and a dropdown will appear with 8 links that are all usful to Wizardry 8
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