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Shadow Stranger

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Default Loading Hints Compiled

A list of the hints that are shown when you load a game in BG2EE. The initial number is the Resref from the dialog.tlk file. Of the 74 entries in the file LoadHint.2da, 9 were duplicates, hence they were omitted here.
This list took about twenty minutes to compile, using Near Infinity and a spreadsheet.

31963: A druid must be level 14 to be able to challenge for the leadership of a druid grove.
47110: A Mage will lose 1 point of Constitution permanently if
familiar dies.
10623: Before you can use a weapon's special abilities, you must first identify it.
22442: Changing tactics can often make an "impossible" battle merely challenging. Explore all options and abilities available.
32096: Do not try to sell an item with no charges; the storekeep will think it does nothing and offer you 1 gold piece. NOTE: This also includes items that are recharged after resting.
60850: Don't use missile weapons in close combat; enemies will receive a +4 attack bonus if you don't have a melee weapon equipped.
45232: Drow equipment will disintegrate as soon as it is hit by sunlight.
8804: Hold down Shift key and left-click on the screen to create waypoints for a character.
43039: If a battle is difficult, do not be afraid to use your potions, wands, or other limited charge items. They will make a huge difference.
60846: If a battle is too difficult for you, go to the Gameplay Options page and set the game difficulty lower for the battle's duration.
22440: If shapechanged into animal form, your character cannot initiate dialogue.
8832: If you are a mage and have a familiar, try talking to it. It might have something to say.
60842: If you have been level drained, use a restoration scroll or spell to bring back the missing levels. Temples will also help you.
10624: If you need to find a specific house in a city, just check the flags on your Map screen.
3312: If you prefer to play the game in Turn-Based Style, go to the Auto-pause section of the Gameplay Options.
10621: If you wish to use two weapons at once, simply place a second weapon in your shield slot.
22426: Keep in mind that your party members have minds of their own and may disagree with the choices you make.
26487: Load times will go MUCH faster if you have done a full install.
43036: Make sure to use your Quick Weapon and Quick Spell slots. These slots will make you more efficient when in combat.
22443: No single character can handle every situation. Use the strengths and skills of all your party members.
8807: On the Map screen, you can add a note by right-clicking on the place that you wish to mark.
62022: One use per day items like the Horn of Blasting will disappear from the Quick Slot toolbar when the item is used. The Quick Slot icon will reappear the next day when the item can be used again.
22439: Powerful wizards have magics that will deflect spells cast at them. To counteract this, use spells such as Pierce Magic.
60843: Press the "Q" key to Quick Save the game. Do this often.
45242: Protection From Evil, 10' Radius should be cast on the party before any demon-summoning spells are cast.
8849: Some creatures are immune to certain magic and weapons. Be sure to read the battle text in the dialogue window.
22444: Some monsters are immune or resistant to magic.
38015: Some spells have changed since BG1. Check the spell descriptions.
45240: Spells can be stored in a (Minor) Spell Trigger so that they may be used faster and without interruption during combat.
60847: The "star" button on the bottom right side of your screen gives you access to all of your character's special abilities.
45247: The 3rd-level priest spell Zone Of Sweet Air will remove all cloud area effect spells such as Stinking Cloud.
45234: The 5th-level wizard spell Breach can be used to remove combat protections (Stoneskin, etc.) from a wizard.
40954: The adventure does not have to end once you have finished BG2.
21811: The Adventurer Mart store is restocked with new equipment once during the game. Be sure to return to it in the later stages.
45243: The durations of the charm-, domination-, and confusion-type spells have been reduced for Baldur's Gate II.
8828: The game auto saves when you leave a party required area. If you die, check your Auto Save.
45241: The mage spell (Minor) Spell Turning can be used to reflect spells back on an enemy magic-user or priest.
45233: The wizard spell Pierce Magic can be used to remove spell protections (Spell Turning, etc.) on a magic user.
38019: There are many spells available that can be used to dispel invisibility and illusions (such as Mirror Image). Check the manual.
38021: Throughout the game, there are hidden artifact pieces. A dwarf named Cromwell can forge these into a complete item.
3309: To play with a party entirely created by you, simply start a multiplayer session and assign control of all characters to yourself.
26488: To speed up your frame rate, check the config program.*
43037: Try using different party formations to protect your weaker party members.
3310: Under the Gameplay section of the Options page, you can turn on the option to rest until healed.
43049: When an (improved) invisible creature attacks, it becomes partially visible. You CANNOT target it with spells until you dispel the invisibility.
47109: When casting the reverse of healing spells (such as Cause Wounds), the priest must roll to hit the target. Otherwise, the spell is wasted.
8824: When in a dungeon, you should always be detecting traps, either with your Thief or the priest spell Find Traps.
60940: When purchasing an item in a store, you can double-click on the item to purchase multiple copies.
22423: When summoning fiends, keep in mind that the beast may turn on you if you have not cast Protection From Evil on yourself.
60841: When you have knocked a troll down, use fire or acid on its body to kill it.
60849: When you have more than one character selected, you can access more formations by right-clicking on any of the formation buttons.
43038: Whenever party members are off the screen, you can find them by double-clicking on their portrait.
22441: While your character does not have to eat, remember that YOU do. We don't want to lose any dedicated players.
38700: While your cursor is over a monster, you can press Tab to look at the monster's general Hit Point status.
38020: You can add your own sounds to a character. Check the Readme file to see how this is done.
60848: You can give your characters new scripts. Go to your Record page, and then press the "customize" button.
22429: You can import your own portraits into the game. Check the manual for instructions.
60845: You can play Baldur's Gate 2 in 640 by 480 resolution, as well as 800 by 600 resolution.
38854: You can press Tab while on the main screen, and your party members' Hit Points will appear above their heads.
43040: You can turn down the feedback levels (circles under your character etc.) in the Options page to suit your playing style.
40952: You can turn off party A.I. by pressing the 'lantern' button on the bottom right of the main screen.
60844: You may use the "H" key to hide all of your interface panels. Pausing or hitting "H" will also bring them back.
3311: You now have the ability to customize your Biography. Go to the Records Page and choose Customize, then Biography.
8826: Your journal is an invaluable tool. Refer to it often.
43033: Your map has many notes and locations marked on it. If you ever get lost, using it is a sure way to get back on course.

3309: To play with a party entirely created by you, simply start a multiplayer session and assign control of all characters to yourself.
* Personal note from me:
You don't need to fill all six slots in a multiplayer game, you can create a few characters of your own and then add others in the course of the game. To make loading easier you can move a multiplayer game to the save folder and play it a single player game.

Throne of Bhaal has its own file: LoadH25.2da, ToB loading hints are usually the same as for Shadows of Amn, with some exceptions.

Dropped as redundant:
21811: The Adventurer Mart store is restocked with new equipment once during the game. Be sure to return to it in the later stages.
31963: A druid must be level 14 to be able to challenge for the leadership of a druid grove.
38021: Throughout the game, there are hidden artifact pieces. A dwarf named Cromwell can forge these into a complete item.

72816: Many items can be built or upgraded by Cespenar the imp. He can be found in your pocket plane.
72818: The massive dungeon of Watcher's Keep can be accessed from both Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn and from Throne of Bhaal.

[ Unfinished Business only, this is crackerjack stuff in middle of BG2EE ]
34572: Don't forget that clerics can turn and possibly destroy undead (shadows, wraiths, mummies).

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