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Old 09-12-2001, 06:29 AM   #191
Horus - Egyptian Sky God

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Originally posted by Luther:
I'm not an American, so I'm not as emotionally involved in this business (although my sister is on Holiday in New York and was 15 minutes walk away from the Trade Center, damn) but just by analysing what they are doing on the news it's quite disturbing to see how the Americans are demonising a whole collective of their enemies by using "It might be them" statements. This is going to be just the political tool that America and Israel have been looking for to really rain all hell down upon Anti-US and Anti-Israel countries and organizations. Remember that the USA recieves alot of it's power from the subjugation of foreign nations (and getting special access to their oil). "Anti-terrorism" might as well be "Destroy-all-those-actively-opposed-to-us-holding-influence-in-their-countries-ism" now. The shit is going to hit the fan, this is only the beginning. Let's hope the leaders can keep their heads here and don't keep the cycle of murder running at full speed.
that makes some sense
it fits my theory as well, you just widened my view man!
we NEED to hear debates on different sides at time like this! thank you for your contribution

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Old 09-12-2001, 06:47 AM   #192
Ironworks Moderator

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Originally posted by 250:
and NO, I am not kissing ass for Moderator!

you don't have to give me a Mod, but if you feel there is a moral need for such an action, then by all means, Memnoch, DON'T hold back!

anyway, some truth be told here:

I always felt "what the hell is wrong with this guy? so cocky!"

then as time past by, I truely saw how he as a moderator maintained the order and most importantly "mutual respect" of this community (should I call this a community? ) anyway, what I see is personal strength, intelligence, dutyful and self-respect here.

you have my respect, Memnoch, and be proud to have you represent us!
Thanks, 250, you're the first person who ever said that to me. It can be a thankless job sometimes but your words are very much appreciated. You've come along in massive leaps and bounds since you first made your way to our community, and we're proud to have you with us, mate!

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Old 09-12-2001, 01:23 PM   #193

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Originally posted by Ryanamur:
Too long to reply but by far one of the best post in this tread. One little problem: who are we to impose upon them OUR justice system? Are we saying that only American justice (or Western justice systems) are the right one?

IMO, this would not serve anything but to infuriate even more those anti-US groups.

Sorry I meant bring the perpetrators to justice not impose out style of Western Justice on countries that don't want it.
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Old 09-12-2001, 01:30 PM   #194

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Originally posted by Memnoch:
I'm not going to say who started what because that's not important - as you both pointed out you're mature adults and I would hope that you would be able to debate this issue -

Mem's in my experience and in reading the different threads on this board, It would appear to me that the ones most loudly decrying their maturity level are frequently the ones most lacking in said quality... Just my thoughts on the issue.

Disintigration is easy, If you really want to impress me, ReIntegrate it.

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