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Letter OOC>>While we're all in this slump, make use of the directories

To the dormant gamers of IW:

There are two directories that are stickied to the top of the forum. The Active Game Directory, though there are no active games at this time...and the Archived Game Directory. If you don't want to have to search for your game threads, make a reference to the threads in whichever directory corresponds.

If you are bored to death, take the time to read some of the games that have been played...maybe even some of those that were abandoned and if you feel up to it, make a post. Who might be the one credited for bringing back to life something that we all enjoy doing...or at least used to. I think we still do, but changes in life and lack of time...or simply falling out of the habit of dedicating time to something entertaining has taken us from gaming together. Someday, maybe we'll find the time to bring it all back to life.

For me, it was having to help my children with homework, needing to get to bed earlier, and the lure of Netflix with their long archives of interesting old movies that I suddenly found irresistable that eventually pulled me away. That...and the disappearance of some of those that I've gamed with for so long. Also, most of my gaming days were spent when I returned to college fulltime and did not have a job 40 hours a week.

Anyway. For those that are out there, waiting for the day that this forum comes back to the meantime if you need something to do I invite you to log and archive your game threads in the directories I mentioned for your convenience.

Thank you

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