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Old 02-22-2001, 04:44 AM   #1

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I noticed this a while ago, but I was wondering how common it was known.

Just so you know yes I have the 1.05b patch.

I noticed that, if you have a high-level multiplayer game (this particular one was Hero mode), you can "Quit" (thus saving that game), and make a new multiplayer game with a low-level (the test subjects in this case were a level 1 wizard and a level 1 assassin) character and load the high level game.

Though it's extremely easy to get killed, simply HITTING a creature ONCE on this mode jumped me EIGHT levels. The next two hits got me to level 16. By the time I killed it, I was level 21.

I killed about 6 more enemies total, and was level 32. All this within *** SEVEN *** minutes of character creation.

A total playtime of about 40 minutes left me at level 43, tell me this is NOT right.

I know that over multiplayer you can't JOIN a higher level game mode, but you can load a high level one with a low level char on your own machine.

Seems kinda too good to be true, but then again it IS... these characters skipped all the way up to hero mode and gained 30 levels in a matter of minutes.

Hmmm... who else has noticed this?
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Old 02-22-2001, 04:10 PM   #2

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Another exploitable bug is that with the quest editor came the tutorial adventure. In this one (wich, because they made it) is in permanent troubleshooting mode, there is a quick xp loop that lets you go up levels very quickly if you're under 17th lvl. In this one simply walk up to the hut with two peasants standing outside in the first land. Touch the cart and you'll find a club that'll break a nearby crate and drop the second crystal.Picking this up gives you enough experience to level up. In the safe mode you're immune to all damage and get no experience for killing monsters but still do so for getting the crystals. Simply export the character in question,restart the game, and get another level. The rate of advancement slows down after 17th lvl and isn't worth it after 21st. However it's a nice quick start option that looks like the Delphinesoft people did it on purpose.If you're sad enough to make a quest that let's you put high quality equipment in unatended chests then you're high level character can even be well equiped as well. I thought that you're message was going to mention this but since it didn't I slipped it in here. BTW since heat changed to a fee paying site is there a decent Darkstone matching service? (When I actually played on heat there was constant patch incompatability so I gave up on multi player).
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Old 02-23-2001, 12:00 AM   #3
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I've also noticed the network game glitch, but there's more. Did you know that the original darkstone version would allow not just the game-server player to be under-level for a game, but that joining players with lower levels could come in as well? I found that out by accident when playing with a friend, I had an expert level save game and brought a level 3 monk into it (my friend brought a level 6 sorceress in over the network).

As far as the leveling up trick with QE quests in debug mode. Just grab your best throwing weapon and shift-t to level 31 - go invoke draak, and just beat on him overnight (I turned my monitor off and went to bed). Since you'll hit him automatically, and cannot die, you can easily generate a very high level player.
Draak regenerates HP too, so its a perpetual level-upping machine. I haven't tried this with the latest QE patches, but the doc's seem to indicate that it will still work.

BTW, you can also save multiple network save games - just rename the ...\darkstone\save
et.sav to another name - rename it back (to net.sav) to play the game. I keep a network game of interesting armor, potions, rings, weapons, etc. as a general 'interesting stuff' exchange.

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