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Old 11-05-2001, 08:58 AM   #1
Darth Bob
Drow Warrior

Join Date: October 3, 2001
Posts: 252
Okay we all know one way thru Sahugian city is just to waste the enire city right? Well have any of you tried doing that in Ust Natha? I did, they I just got sick of them talking down to me with things like "your lucky you werent sold as a slave" when first thyd have to capture me alive, which is very unlikly done without an army (I was a very high level for the time, i did tons of subquesting) and also things like "I could have you killed where you stand, its my right" and then I got so sick of them i just said your welcome to try, but I'll wager it will be you who will be dead in 3 seconds (something like that) so anywho the enitre city went hostile, and I had very little trouple with it (only aerie died, and thats only beacuse the crappy pathfinding made her walk into a group of 5 drow alone, and then she got panicked and confused) So after slaugthering the coty, I went got the eggs, decided to kill adalon and ind my own way out! It was fun, just wanted to share this, didnt know if this is what most people did or not, but I thought it was pretty cool.
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Old 11-05-2001, 01:42 PM   #2
Elite Waterdeep Guard

Join Date: October 17, 2001
Location: VA, USA
Posts: 41
Possible spoiler.
Actually I did take out the entire city also. But that was because I got discovered as to who I truly was. Took too long on a quest. So I took them all out and went looking for the Marton Mother. Was a little disappointed I couldn't get her. I would have really liked that cloak and purchase a couple things before attacking. But I did get the eggs.
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Old 11-05-2001, 06:48 PM   #3
Barry the Sprout
White Dragon

Join Date: October 19, 2001
Location: York, UK.
Age: 36
Posts: 1,815
How do you get out of the Underdark if you kill Adalon? How do you open the doors to get to the temple thing where the elves are fighting? Always wondered and I am now coming up to that with an evil party. Thanks for the help!
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Old 11-06-2001, 03:59 AM   #4
Dundee Slaytern
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: June 10, 2001
Location: Pasir Ris, Singapore
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Adalon drops a scroll that will allow you to unseal the exit.
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